Monday, May 2, 2011

This Week in Sports!

So, I was 6 of 8 in my first round NBA predictions. This is good, but not great. The only pick that I regret is picking the Orlando Magic to beat the Atlanta Hawks. I picked the Magic because I thought Stan Van Gundy would out coach Larry Drew Sr., and the Hawks would have no answer for D. Howard. The way things shaped up, was that the Hawks were to athletic at the wings and the Magic need better players and this may cost them the man in the middle a year from now. No one really saw the Memphis Grizzlies beating San Antonio Spurs, but I had the Spurs losing in the next round so no big surprise. This was an important series because it marks the end of this Spurs team as we know it. The Spurs must bring in new young talent to be a contender again.

In the summer there is not a whole lot of good sports going on. I have always had trouble finding and keeping up the important sports events. I have a hard time remembering when the good events of games are coming on, or finding the times of these events. So, here they are:

Tonight May 2, 2011
Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks 8:00 PM on TNT
L. A. Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks 10:30 PM on TNT

Tuesday May 3, 2011
Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat 7:00 PM on TNT
(This should be a really good game and series, but in game one the Big 3 decided the ball game. And by the Big 3 I mean the refs. Hopefully the refs will not continue to give Miami so much star treatment.)

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Oklahoma City Thunder 10:30 PM on TNT

Wednesday May 4, 2011
Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls 8:00 PM on TNT
L. A. Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks 9:30 PM on TNT

Thursday May 5, 2011

Friday May 6, 2011
Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks 7:00 PM on ESPN
L. A. Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks 9:30 PM on ESPN

Saturday May 7, 2011
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Oklahoma City Thunder 5:00 PM on ESPN
Miami Boston vs. Boston Celtics 8:00 PM on ABC

Another good sporting event this week is the Wells Fargo Championship. This PGA tour event is in Charlotte, NC and is always a good one. I don't watch too much golf unless the big boys are there. Good News Phil Mickelson will be playing!

May 5-8 2011 Live at 3 PM or replay 8:30 PM on the Golf Channel

Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley May 7, 2011 on Pay-per-view


  1. Tons of baseball going on this week...way better than the NBA.

  2. I was low on the NBA Playoffs until the Hawks started blowing up! They looked so good last night, especially Joe Johnson. He frustrates the crap out of me because he should play like he did last night even more, instead of every 5th game.

  3. NBA playoffs have been pretty exciting. There have been some really good games and performances. The playoffs should only get better as the best teams begin to meet each other. Not a whole lot of good baseball games on TV. But Sunday, which is next week, Atlanta is at Philadelphia that should be a pretty good matchup. This early in the MLB season is hard to get excited when there is over a hundred more games to play. I did leave the NHL out and their playoffs have been exciting so far. On another note there is some good boxing on TV Manny Pacquiao fights Shane Mosley. Styles make fights and this one should be no expection, but it's on Pay-per-view, so I will watch the replay on HBO the next weekend.

  4. I'm definitely looking forward to the bout. I think Pac Man will run over Mosley - but then again who doesn't. Neither Pac Man or Mayweather has really fought anybody worthwhile in their prime yet... So fight each other already!

  5. A Dirk team looking like they know how to close a series? And it's only Game 2? Tyson Chandler's defensive leadership is the best thing to happen to this Mavericks team since Jason Kidd/Terry.

  6. Mavs do look good, but when it comes to Pac Man he beat Cotto in his prime. At the time of the fight Cotto had not lost a fair fight and Manny destroyed him. Manny beat Cotto so bad that his wife and children, who were in the crowd, started crying and left the fight before it was over. Pac Man will beat Mosley with no problem. Shane is old no longer so "Sugar!"