Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If You Need A Good Deal On A Car, Get A Scholarship To Ohio State!

Even the mascot gets a free ride, literally!

The lies just keep on piling up at THE Cheating University.  I mean seriously, who knew anyone could kick Auburn's indiscretions out of the media spotlight?  Jim Tressel should be on Gene Chizik's Christmas card list for sure this year.  There is more paper evidence against Tressel and the football program, and one has to wonder how much longer THE Cheating University can continue to defend its rogue program.

If you missed the latest allegations, HERE is the latest regarding Ohio State athletes getting deeply discounted/free cars from local dealerships.

Has anyone in recent years besides Tiger Woods fallen from the graces of public perception fast than Jim Tressel and Ohio State?  Less than a year ago, he was perceived to be one of the greatest college football coaches of our era, a bastion of winning with class.  Now he's on the same level with Lane Kiffin. 

I don't know what is worse though.  His lack of integrity, or the majority of Buckeye Nation that is still in denial and backing Tressel to the death? Their arrogance (they demand to be called  THE Ohio State University) is astounding.  The sense of entitlement is astounding as well. All they've won in the past two decades is a National Championship that was handed to them by the back judge, on which they rode the coattails of a convicted felon.  It was cause for celebration when they defeated ARKANSAS in the Sugar Bowl this year, after being dominated by almost every other SEC team for the last 20 years.  To quell their SEC inferiority complex, they've scheduled a series with Vanderbilt.  What did Gordon Gee say about TCU playing the Little Sisters of the Poor (and I like Vandy)?

What will the NCAA do regarding these allegations?  The evidence seems to paint a dark picture for the future of the Buckeyes.  More importantly, what will Ohio State do?  Will they sit back and "dare" the NCAA to drop the hammer?  My guess is the latter.  The Suckeyes are too proud to admit they've done anything wrong.


  1. And their victory over Arkansas was very narrow and probably would not have happened had the players been suspended for that game like they should have been. Do you think Tressell negotiated for them to play in that game as a last hurrah because he knew everything was about to hit the fan?
    I would like think he gets fired before any punishment comes down. Then again why would a crooked AD and crooked President do the right thing and fire a crooked Coach?

  2. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Since we're almost to summer, he could just be a lame duck for a year, kind of like Bruce Pearl was at Tennessee this year (I heard he was getting fired in December). I do think Ohio State went to bat for those kids to play in the bowl and they caught flak for it then. Who knew that was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to the corruption at THE Cheating University?

  3. Jim Tressel is man of principles, but it's his own principles he lives by, not NCAAs or anyone else's. His type feels like he makes the rules and those rules are the only rules that matters!