Friday, May 18, 2012

Braxton Ogbueze, Rare Footage of this Elite High School Prospect ranks Braxton Ogbueze in the top 40 high school prospects overall in the nation. While this is a high ranking, Ogbueze would be a top 5 or 10 prospect if he was 6'3." On a YouTube video I posted, I expressed my thoughts that Ogbueze was not quite six foot. A family member of Ogbueze posted a comment in response to my estimation of his height,

"Braxton is actually measured at 6'1 (shoes) and 175"
"Braxton committed first but there are no worries. As you have seen Braxton will compete with anyone and will earn everything that is given to him. We appreciate your support."

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  1. Purvis Sucks. Ogbueze walks on water. Croswell says so.

  2. Rodney Purvis will be a solid college player(might take him a few years of college to develop), but Braxton Ogbueze is a special little guard. Purvis looks to be a four year college player, but Ogbueze may be a four year guy too but only because of his size.

    I looked at a Florida Gator website and Gator fans compared Ogbueze to Kemba Walker. I think that is a perfect comparison.