Monday, January 30, 2012

Just My Thoughts... Football, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, etc.

"Football is the Biggest Thing Around"

It will be hard to predict this year's Super Bowl outcome, but no matter who wins, the New England Patriots vs. New York Giants is a great match up. While Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will get all the attention, the big reason the Patriots are in the Super Bowl is Vince Wilfork. Wilfork dominated the Ravens from the defefensive tackle position. At Pro level I have seen few defensive tackles take over a game like Wilfork did. I saw Ndamukong Suh dominate Texas in this fashion, but that was at the college level. Wilfork has to weigh around 400 lbs. of raw power, yet football fans who watch him are amazed at his quickness. The Giants will have to game plan for Wilfork, as much as they will have to plan for Tom Brady. Wilfork is really the only serious defensive challenge the Giants will have to overcome. Should be an interesting Super Bowl.

I heard a sports radio host say that "the NFL Conference Championship round is last weekend for real football fans." I totally agree with this statement. I tried to watch some of the Pro Bowl this last weekend and boy it was tough to watch. I have never watched Pro Bowl start to finish and have rarely watched any of it live. The little bit of it I watched this year reminded me of flag football and none of the players really seem to care the outcome of the game. I really don't want to list the other reasons, why this the Pro Bowl is bad. Still, I will say it always seems werid to me, that the most popular sport in America has the worst All-Star game. I do understand it is important to have an all star game to put the elite players of the league on display, no matter how hard it is to watch.

I am always amazed at the names who get left off the Pro Bowl list. Lots of old name where on the list this year and lots of great young players were left off. I do like the Pro Bowl being moved to weekend before the Super Bowl, that way a few desperate, diehard NFL fans will tune in for a football fix.

I am a huge hoops fan, but it is hard to pay close attention to basketball when football is on. Now that football season is over, I am totally focused on roundball. We still have the Super Bowl to look forward to, but the Super Bowl is more like an award show, with a little football mixed in. Still, the Super Bowl should be as good of a game as we could hope for.

Both the NBA and college basketball have been pretty uneventful this year. Right now, I am now totally focused on UNC Tar Heel basketball. The Heels seem to be getting everything together. They looked really rough in the FSU game, in which they suffered the worse loss under Roy Williams. Since then the Heels have found their way. Still, this team reminds me not of the 2005 or 2009 UNC championship teams, but of Roy's Kansas team, which had Paul Pierce, Raef LaFrentz, etc. and were knocked out of the NCAA tourament early. That Kansas team was picked by most to win it all. Still, I hope I am wrong and Roy and the boys can get a third championship in less than a decade.

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