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Too Much Physical Play in College Basketball Part II, Bracket Update, and 2012 Final Four NCAA Tournament Preview

"Middle Class" Matt with more thoughts on too much physical play in College Basketball, a bracket update, and 2012 Final Four Preview. FOR THE WHOLE STORY CLICK THE VIDEO!

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"Girls should not be in the Dunk Contest?" High School McDonalds' All-American Basketball

"Middle Class" Matt discusses why it is a bad idea for sports' fans when they allow girls to take part in the dunk contest and McDonalds' High School All-American Basketball. CLICK THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE WHOLE STORY!

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Too Much Physical Play in College Basketball! Kendall Marshall Injury

"Middle Class" Matt discussing the injury to UNC's Kendall Marshall and physical play the NCAA referees are allowing to go on, in College Basketball. CLICK THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE WHOLE STORY!


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NCAA Tournament Preview and Predictions March Madness Bracket Challenge


Virginia Cavaliers

Round of 64

The coaching job that Tony Bennett has done at Virginia is very impressive. Bennett's team has overachieved and deserves credit for it, but Mike Scott will not be enough to help Virgina move on. Florida has too much talent and has an elite coach who is Tournament tested. Virginia goes home after just one game.

N.C. State Wolfpack

Round of 32

The Pack may go to the Sweet 16 and they could go down to San Diego State in the first round. So, it may be wise to split the difference. State is very talented and athletic. Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie are future NBA players who can create match up problems for any team. State, when focused, is dangerous, there's a lot of doubt if they can bring that focus for 40 minutes for 2 or 3 games in a row.

Duke Blue Devils

Sweet 16

Duke has been a good team all year, but "Duke is not elite." Duke relies too much on the three ball, has no one to distribute the basketball, and has an inconsistent inside attack. Still, Coach K will have his team ready and Duke has a team of McDonalds' All Americans that should be enough to win at least two NCAA tournament games. Austin Rivers needs to have a big time tournament or Duke may go home before this weekend is over!

Florida State Seminoles

Final Four

The Seminoles have been given a gift with Fab Melo not being able to play. With that loss, the Noles should be able to overwhelm the Orange or Ohio State inside. FSU is a veteran team with big physical post players and clutch guards. The Seminoles will have to watch out for an ACC Tournament hangover, but if they bring the same intensity to this tournament that they did in the ACC they should move on to the Final Four!

North Carolina Tar Heels

National Champions

The Tar Heels are a complete team with tournament experience. The Heels are big and long at every position, which creates nightmare match up problems for almost every team in the nation. Kentucky might be the rare exception to the match up problems UNC forces. Yet, Kendall Marshall, if UNC and Kentucky would square off for the national championship, would be an advantage over Marquis Teague at the same position. Kendall Marshall has become a complete point guard in the second half of this season. It could be argued that Marshall, of late, has been the best point guard in the nation. So, Marshall may give UNC an match up adavantage over every point guard they face and usually guards win NCAA Tournament Championship!

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Play in the Official Don't Buy the Hype Bracket Challenge and Win $5,000,000! Seriously! For Real!

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2012 ACC Tournament Recap and Review "I told you so"

The 2012 ACC Basketball Tournament was a return to the glory years of the ACC! Many games were decided by a basket. The ACC Tournament used to be so much fun! I hope the 2012 ACC Tournament will be the beginning of the tournament being the most exciting in the nation again! I didn't pick Flordia State to win, but I can still say "I told you so." CLICK THE VIDEO FOR THE WHOLE STORY!

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Breaking News: Seat Check Update! Darrin Horn Out at South Carolina

Since the conference tourneys are now complete, I guess it's that time where college basketball coaches' heads start rolling...

The first contestant is Darrin Horn!  I suspected this move would be made, since he was on my "Heating Up" list a couple of weeks ago.  Based on his performance, I would've placed him in the "He's on Fire!" category, but I had been hearing that the suits at USCeast weren't willing to pony up the supposed $2.4 million for a buyout.  His performance as coach was so bad that I assume they were forced to dig deep into the coffers and find the money somewhere.

Here is a link to AD Eric Hyman's 1:30 press conference LIVE VIDEO

USA Today Press Release

Who willl be next to go?  In light of the Sports Illustrated report on the state of UCLA basketball, I wouldn't be shocked if it's Ben Howland...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 SEC Tournament Preview: Will the Cats Rule Again?

What a boring logo!  The ACC one is much better!
Here is a quick primer for the SEC Tournament, beginning today in New Orleans:

Favorite:  Kentucky
This one is pretty obvious.  Not only is Kentucky the favorite here, but will probably be the odds on favorite to win the national title once the brackets are announced on Sunday.  They are arguably the best team in the country, but hands down the best in the conference, hence the 16-0 record.  It'll take some team's best game (maybe a team fighting for life) combined with a lack of focus from the Wildcats for them to be taken down.  The only question on Big Blue Nation's mind is what to call New Orleans.  Each March, they refer to Atlanta as CATlanta, but they'll have to come up with something new for New Orleans. 

Team Most Likely to Beat Kentucky:  Alabama
I think Alabama plays well enough on the defensive end to compete with Kentucky (only lost by 6 at Rupp) and could score just enough to win a grinder against the Wildcats.  This is more of a hunch pick, but this could be a semifinal matchup if Bama could knock off a sinking Florida team on Friday.

Polishing the Resume:  Tennessee
The Vols have been playing great basketball as of late, and are back in the mix for an at-large berth.  They are held back by a few bad losses early in the season (Austin Peay, Oakland and Charleston) but have compiled some good wins as well (Florida twice, UConn and Vanderbilt).  I think they deserve to be in, but most think there is work to be done.  A win over the Ole Miss/Auburn winner is a must, and a win in the semifinals would lock up a bid, in my opinion. 

Most to Prove:  Mississippi St.
About a month ago, the Maroon Bulldogs were a lock for the NCAA tournament, but they have come undone in the last month.  Starting with a home loss to Georgia (their first round opponent) the Maroons went on a five game losing streak, only to bounce back with two wins to end the regular season.  Expect Dee Bost to lead the charge and shoot it well from deep.  Arnett Moultrie needs to play big (see below) and if wild-card Renardo Sidney plays to full potential, the Bulldogs could at least make an appearance in the finals.  However, a win over Georgia and maybe another win over Vanderbilt will help Stansbury and company feel better come Sunday.

Fighting for His Life:  Andy Kennedy, Ole Miss
It seems like Kennedy has had a season ticket on the hot seat this year, and with a trip to the Dance highly unlikely again, this could be his last stand for the Rebels.  Ole Miss has ruined a few good seasons lately with early exits in the SEC Tourney, and a loss to Auburn would most likely spell doom for Kennedy's job.  By drawing the #7 seed, Ole Miss gets Auburn, then a potential matchup with Vandy in the quarterfinals.  It'll be tough to get past a Commodore team that drilled them by 26 on their home floor a couple weeks ago, but you never know.  Judging by then way Ole Miss has played in the postseason under Kennedy, I just don't see that happening. 

Best Player:  Anthony Davis, Kentucky
This dynamo has the chance to pull off the "Triple Crown" of amateur basketball.  He WILL win National Freshman of the Year, COULD/SHOULD be National Player of the Year, and MOST LIKELY will be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft.  He is the key cog in the Wildcats' outstanding defense, making up for teammates' shortcoming by swatting everything that comes in the paint. 

Breakout Star:  Arnett Moultrie, Mississippi St.
Unless you follow SEC basketball regularly, you probably haven't heard of this 6-11 forward who averages a double-double (16.1 ppg, 10.7 rpg) each night.  If the Bulldogs are going to make that run to secure a spot in the Big Dance as mentioned above, Moultrie will need to produce.  In case you haven't heard, now you know.

How it Goes Down
LSU over Arkansas-tough call, but it really looks like Arkansas has tanked this year in the last few weeks
Alabama over South Carolina
Ole Miss over Auburn
Mississippi State over Georgia

Kentucky over LSU
Alabama over Florida
Tennessee over Ole Miss
Mississippi State over Vanderbilt

Kentucky over Alabama
Mississippi State over Tennessee

Kentucky over Mississippi State

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My Thoughts on the 2012 ACC Basketball Tournament! Preview

"Middle Class" Matt and his thoughts on a North Carolina tradition, the ACC Tournament! CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW FOR THE WHOLE Story!

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Review on HBO's Drama LUCK (TV Series) Episode 5

Check out this review of the HBO Drama Luck, by "Middle Class" Matt. Luck is an interesting sports' TV show about horse racing, CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE THE WHOLE Review!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review on HBO's Drama LUCK (TV Series) Episode 4

A Review of HBO's drama LUCK by "Middle Class" Matt. LUCK is a TV show about horse racing, which stars Dustin Hoffman. Episode 4 has a real "wow moment" CLICK THE VIDEO AND SEE THE WHOLE REVIEW!

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Recap of the UNC vs. Duke Beat Down in Durham March 3rd!!!

In this entry I recap the UNC vs. Duke game(March 3rd), talk about UNC's chances for a national championship, and explore idea that "Duke is not Elite." CLICK THE VIDEO below to see the whole story!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Rivalry! UNC vs. Duke Part II The Rematch!!!

Hang On! It's Do or Die Time!!!

The last Duke vs. UNC game was a classic! The Tar Heels allowed the Devils to steal one in Chapel Hill by not taking advantage of easy opportunites during the last few minutes of the game. What also helped Duke was the referees swallowing their whistles, and this is not just UNC fan bias, Doug Gottlieb pointed out the missed calls on ESPN today! Check out my preview of the No. 6 UNC vs. No. 4 Duke rematch, should be another good one!

Click the video below to play!

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