Monday, August 8, 2011

Austin You're not in High School anymore!

Future Duke star Austin Rivers at the NC Pro Am

Austin Rivers and UNC great Jerry Stackhouse after the game.

Miles Plumlee at the NC Pro Am. Miles is in a good mood talking to fans after the game.
Austin Rivers' confidence was visibly shaken at the Pro Am. He never regained his composure that night. Watch the video below for the details.

Incoming Duke freshman Michael Gbinije trying to console his teammate Austin Rivers on the bench.

There was another site who posted a story about incoming Duke freshman Austin Rivers at the NC Pro Am and their heading was "Austin Rivers and Ryan Kelly put on a show at NC Pro Am." Both Rivers and Kelly have played well, but Wednesday night belonged to North Carolina Central's Dominique Sutton. Rivers showed up at the game late and as soon as he checked in the game, Sutton was all over him. The crowd went crazy and the small gym became thick with intensity. Rivers recovered and knocked down the shot, but then lost his temper and two hand shoved Sutton. After this altercation River hit a few shots, but never regained his composure. Most would say this was a "freshman" mistake.

Rivers and Sutton still going at it! The whole team has to get involved. It was a heated summer night at the Pro Am!

Rivers was really frustrated by the incident. Here he is explaining himself to the referee and trying to get past the altercation with Sutton.

Sutton drives by Rivers and dunks and Sutton gets the "and one."

Still, Rivers had his moments. Rivers gets the better of Sutton on the other end.

Sutton manning up on Rivers.

Sutton's team destroyed Rivers' team that night! Even though Sutton's team was at a disadvantage when it came to talent. Rivers played with his Duke teammate Miles Plumlee, but they could not stop Sutton and his teammates from running all over them!

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