Monday, May 16, 2011

He Ain't As Good As He Once Was...

Jorge Don't Bat Ninth...

Listen, I am by no means a Yankees fan or apologist, but I do respect their level of success over the last 15 years, especially guys like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada, who have been along for the entire ride.  That said, I have an issue with Jorge Posada and his refusal to bat 9th on Saturday against the Red Sox.  Here is my open letter to the once great Yankee catcher:

Dear Jorge:
The fit you pitched by not playing Saturday was selfish and inexcusable.  Listen, the Yankees pay you to play baseball.  Get out there and play and quit getting your ego hurt by hitting last.  At least you're still getting paid to play a kid's game. 

Jorge, if you haven't noticed:  YOU'RE NOT GOOD ANYMORE!  As a matter of fact, you're downright terrible.  You're defense/arm is so bad that you don't catch regularly anymore and you're hitting .164 as a designated hitter.  They pay you just to hit and that's all the production you can muster?  I realize you're 39 and are one of the greatest catchers to wear the Yankees pinstripes but get over yourself.  You should be thankful you're in the lineup at all.  I guess Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi don't want a $13 million man riding the pine. 

Just maybe, they're doing you a favor and trying not to completely destroy your ego by sitting you down permanently.  You say you want out of New York?  No other team want a 39 year old DH that can't hit his own weight!  Batting 9th for the Yankees doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore, huh?

 A Fan Whose Respect You've Lost

While I respect the fact that Yankees brass has left Posada in the lineup every day, I respect guys like Braves GM Frank Wren even more.  When a similar situation to this occurred with the Braves and Tom Glavine a couple years ago, Wren realized Glavine had nothing left and pulled the plug, instead of letting ego negatively affect results on the field by running a has-been out there every fifth day. 

These guys play a game and make inordinate amounts of money doing it.  If they can't get the job done, do us all a favor and retire, or better yet, go join the rival and let us pound you, like the Braves did to Glavine when he played for the Mets.  Jorge Posada to the Rays, anyone?


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  2. That was pretty ugly when Glavine faced the Braves. I just checked his career stats against the Braves. 4-11 in 19 games, 5.15 ERA, 19 HRs given up. Awful.
    As for Posada, I just hope he realizes at some point this year, retires, and doesn't try a repeat of this next year.

  3. My guess is he will retire at the end of the year. I mean, Russell Martin is washed up and still stole Jorge's job.