Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NCAA Tournament Preview and Predictions March Madness Bracket Challenge


Virginia Cavaliers

Round of 64

The coaching job that Tony Bennett has done at Virginia is very impressive. Bennett's team has overachieved and deserves credit for it, but Mike Scott will not be enough to help Virgina move on. Florida has too much talent and has an elite coach who is Tournament tested. Virginia goes home after just one game.

N.C. State Wolfpack

Round of 32

The Pack may go to the Sweet 16 and they could go down to San Diego State in the first round. So, it may be wise to split the difference. State is very talented and athletic. Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie are future NBA players who can create match up problems for any team. State, when focused, is dangerous, there's a lot of doubt if they can bring that focus for 40 minutes for 2 or 3 games in a row.

Duke Blue Devils

Sweet 16

Duke has been a good team all year, but "Duke is not elite." Duke relies too much on the three ball, has no one to distribute the basketball, and has an inconsistent inside attack. Still, Coach K will have his team ready and Duke has a team of McDonalds' All Americans that should be enough to win at least two NCAA tournament games. Austin Rivers needs to have a big time tournament or Duke may go home before this weekend is over!

Florida State Seminoles

Final Four

The Seminoles have been given a gift with Fab Melo not being able to play. With that loss, the Noles should be able to overwhelm the Orange or Ohio State inside. FSU is a veteran team with big physical post players and clutch guards. The Seminoles will have to watch out for an ACC Tournament hangover, but if they bring the same intensity to this tournament that they did in the ACC they should move on to the Final Four!

North Carolina Tar Heels

National Champions

The Tar Heels are a complete team with tournament experience. The Heels are big and long at every position, which creates nightmare match up problems for almost every team in the nation. Kentucky might be the rare exception to the match up problems UNC forces. Yet, Kendall Marshall, if UNC and Kentucky would square off for the national championship, would be an advantage over Marquis Teague at the same position. Kendall Marshall has become a complete point guard in the second half of this season. It could be argued that Marshall, of late, has been the best point guard in the nation. So, Marshall may give UNC an match up adavantage over every point guard they face and usually guards win NCAA Tournament Championship!

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  1. Someone looks like a sports' genius for making the statement all season, that "Duke is not Elite!" I thought Duke, who has been mislabeled as a top 5 team all season, would lose in the Sweet 16! I missed that one, Lehigh got them in the 1st round. But this should not be surprise or shock to anyone who reads! Without the ACC referees' help, "Duke is not Elite!"