Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Team on earth can stop the big 3!!!

Sorry I have not written in a while my computer has been broken. I will add a picture to this blog when I have my computer again.

It looks like Jordan(not Mike) was right to pick the Miami Heat to win it all. It is impossible to get around the big three, and by the big three I mean the refs. The three stars tonight in the NBA Finals will be wearing black and white. Miami has shot more free throws than their opponents the entire playoffs, and by a large margin. The Heat are even getting the star treatment at other teams' home courts. With the talent Miami has and the calls they will get there seems no way to stop LeBron and company.

Still, I hope I am wrong and Dirk gets his first. Watch the how many shots at the line the Heat get in this series it will tell the story of who gets the hardware. If LeBron is not complaining to the refs then you know he is getting all the calls, and that is bad news for the Mavs!


  1. STOP IT!

    Matt what you have written is all conspiracy theory, but is not a valid argument.

    Your facts surely support your conspiracy, but are very misleading. Miami has 2 slashers that have always been at the top of the list with FTAs for most of their careers before they joined forces this year. So, it is not merely coincidence that Miami has shot such a vast number of FTs in the playoffs.

    The Heat will win the championship because of the BIG 3 and their defense!

  2. For having such a poor argument I sure do look smart now. Here are the facts the Heat are at home and the free throws attempts have been almost the same for each team so far, and so is the series. The series is tied 1-1 going back to Dallas for 3 straight games. The Heat's defense in the fourth quarter was well...

    And for the argument that the Heat have the best slashers in the game. No, one attacks the hoop any better than D. Rose, yet LeBron shot almost twice as many from the line as Rose in game five. The Heat as a team also shot 33% more free throws than the Bulls in game five as well.

  3. Matt, your argument has no VALIDITY whatsoever to it.

    In the original blog you made up this "conspiracy" that the Heat would win because the refs would give them the star treatment. But, the fact of the matter is EVERY star on EVERY team gets the "star treatment." Therefore, the team with the most STARS (who are aggressively attacking the rim) are more likely to shoot more free throws than their opponent.

    By the way, the Mavericks have shot MORE free throws thus far. Simply because the BIG THREE have not been aggressively attacking the rim on a consistent basis because their shots from the perimeter have been falling (except Bosh). In addition, James and Wade have scored points from fastbreak opportunities created from turnovers committed by Dallas. Watch the game not the stats!

    Furthermore, I never said that the Heat had the best slashers in the game. This is what I said:

    "Miami has 2 slashers that have always been at the top of the list with FTAs for most of their careers before they joined forces this year."

    By the way, Derrick Rose was not drawing contact when he drove the lane. Instead he tried to use floaters whenever his shots were not getting blocked or altered. Again watch the games not the stats!

    How many players on the Bulls ATTACKED the rim as much as Bosh, Wade, James did? Don't worry I'll wait for you to get back to me on that one!

    Lastly, according to my relationshp between the number of stars and free throw attempts the Bulls had 1 and the Heat had 3. The ratio was 1:3. Thats why your number of 33% makes perfect sense to me.

  4. 80% of what you said I agree with. I didn't say that the NBA wanted the Heat to win. I said the Heat's big 3 will not lose if they get the star treatment. I have no problem with the the argument that the Heat have the most stars on one team and they will get the most star treatment. That idea proves my point.

    LeBron James has the best set of skills I have ever seen in a basketball player, and maybe even an athlete in general. But the refs do allow James to plow into his defener with his 280 lbs. body and the refs call a foul on the defense. At least in this series, so far, the refs have made no calls. When James knocks his defender over it should be an offensive foul, but the Mavs can live with the no calls.

    So, far in this series the officiated has been pretty good(accept for the time D.Wade cursed the ref out and should have recieved a T and didn't). So, no star treatment for the Heat no problem for the Mavs.