Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 NBA Playoffs Preview and Predictions! The Heat Win!!!


Here I go again, I love to predict games. Let's see if I can predict a few series right! There is no clear dominate team or teams, like there was in the past history of the NBA. Five or Six teams have a chance to win the whole thing!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Quick Preview: Night 1

Here is a quick preview for tonight's NFL Draft.  Be here at 8:00 eastern for a live chat!

Video Cliff's Notes:

  • Falcons trade for CB Asante Samuel
  • What do the Vikings do with the 3rd pick? Do they trade it to the Jets?
  • Do they Dolphins reach for Ryan Tannehill?  Can they trade down and still get him? 

Winners and Losers: The Bobby Petrino Scandal

I know I may seem a little late to the game, but here is my take on the Bobby Petrino saga at Arkansas.  I wanted to wait and see how it all played out, and it has.  Watch  the video to find out the winners and losers from this mess.

Here is a preview in pictures:
Arkansas Fans: Losers, especially this guy.  He probably would spell it  "L-O-O-S-E-R" anyway...

Winner:  Petrino tried him, but Jeff Long came out on top

Losers:  The Petrino family.  I'm sure they're awful proud of their Dad...

Winner:  John L. Smith walks into a ready made situation; a big year could land him another FBS gig

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who Should The Carolina Panthers Draft? 2012 NFL Draft Live Chat at Don'tbuythehype!!!

CLICK THE VIDEO ABOVE, for the whole all my comments on who the Carolina Panthers should draft in 2012.

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Carolina Panthers Schedule (8-8) 2012 "I hope I am wrong but their schedule is tough"

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Who is Going to Ride those Horses?" My Final Entry on the HBO Drama Luck

This video blog entry has been up on YouTube for awhile, but I wanted to post it on Don't Buy The Hype as well. This is why I stopped posting reviews of the HBO Series LUCK about horse racing. CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE TO SEE THE WHOLE STORY!!!

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UNC's Top Verbal Commit Isaiah Hicks in Action Class of 2013

Here are some videos taken at J.F. Webb High School of UNC's top verbal commit Isaiah Hicks, who is the number eight overall prospect of the class of 2013. Hicks is listed at 6'8" and 210 lbs., in reality Hicks might be 6'8" maybe 6'7", and only about 195 or 200 lbs.. Hicks is very slender, but does have a more developed lower body. Hicks' body is more of a prototypical swing forward. Hicks is listed as a power foward and may have to play PF at the college level. Still, Hicks is just a junior in high school, so he has time to develop his game and body. You can already see Hicks has some guard skills and could one day, with work develop into a nice three forward. Hicks physically reminds me a little bit of another high ranked recruit from the Tar Heels' past, Marvin Williams.

Hicks has long arms and big hands. Hicks moves efforstlessly down the court and has pretty good body control. Hicks can also shoot and handle the ball well for a player his size. Hicks has tons of potenital, but doesn't seem to be the guy who would come to UNC and dominate, imediately. Sorry, UNC fans Hicks may need sometime to develope. Another negative about Hicks, is that his high school doesn't play the top level competition all the time. In these clips below you will see Hicks(#4) is head and shoulders taller than everyone one the court. Still, Hicks has NBA level athletism and that you can't teach, the other stuff can be learned with hard work and practice.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UNC Spring Game 2012 Larry Fedora's New Spread Offense

Inside the Blue Zone, Kenan Stadium Chapel Hill, NC

A Very Different Offensive Look for UNC Fans

Saturday, April 14 the North Carolina Tar Heels kicked of their 2012 football season. New coach, Larry Fedora showed the UNC nation his spread offense, for most fans this was their first look.

In the early part of the scrimmage the new Tar Heel offense looked shaky at best. UNC players have only had a few weeks to learn Fedora's new offense, and it is very different from the NFL style scheme that Tar Heel players are use to. Still, the offense seemed to come together as the game went on. UNC's quaterback, Bryn Renner went 23-28 for 295 yards and two touchdowns for the game. Renner's numbers could really benefit from, Fedora's fast-paced, high octane system.

The running game seems to really benefit from the spread, as well. It seems that the spread creates some big holes for the UNC running backs to gash defenses. So, Gio Bernard could have a big season, running the ball and in the passing game, as a result of the new offense.

Tar Heel fans seem to be encouraged and ready to get past the distractions of the last two seasons. UNC announced there were 17,000 fans at the spring game. I estimated about 15,000 before the announcement.

Check out these videos of Larry's Fedora's new UNC offense! CLICK THE VIDEOS TO WATCH!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Final Four National Championship Preview: Kentucky vs. Kansas

Here is my preview for tonight's national title tilt between Kentucky and Kansas:

Quick Look
Must-See Matchups:

  • Kansas F Thomas Robinson vs. Kentucky C Anthony Davis
  • Kansas Guards vs. Kentucky dribble penetration
  • John Calipari vs. Bill Self

Prediction: Kentucky 71, Kansas 64