Monday, May 2, 2011

Atlanta Falcons Draft Recap

Did the Falcons make all the right moves?

After the playoff destruction the Falcons suffered at the hands of the Packers in January, the word out of Flowery Branch was that the Falcons brass wanted "explosive" playmakers on offense.  They made sure they got one on Thursday night. 

I still don't believe that Julio Jones was "their guy," as it was stated the Falcons really wanted A.J. Green.  When the Bengals reneged on a possible trade, it was obvious Atlanta didn't want to be left in the cold, so they were almost forced to move up and take Jones at #6, since Cleveland was about to take him.  I do like Julio Jones and believe he will help the Falcons soon, but I think the price was too steep.  Giving up four picks (the two 2011 1st rounders cancel out) for one player is just too much for me.  Roddy White said it best; he was glad to have Julio, but that "we gave up our whole draft" to get him. 

Here is a rundown of the other picks:
3rd Round-Akeem Dent, ILB, Georgia:  Obviously I like the pick based on the fact that he's a Dawg, but I do think this will help with ILB depth, and Dent is talented enough to become an eventual starter.

5th Round-Jacquizz Rodgers, RB/KR, Oregon State:  This is my second favorite pick for the Falcons in this draft.  He's another "explosive" (Mike Smith buzzword) guy who got knocked for diminutive stature and his 4.6 40 at the combine, but he can make plays on offense, and will compliment Eric Weems in the return game.  If you don't like him, you will after you watch this:

6th Round-Matt Bosher, P/K, Miami FL:  I've never understood why punters and kickers are drafted, unless they are rare talents.  Sebastien Janikowski was a freak of nature, but only Al Davis would've ever drafted him in the first round!  Bosher has the ability to pull double duty, and Michael Koenen is overpaid anyway, so I guess he is the heir apparent.

7th Round-Andrew Jackson, G, Fresno State:  To me, the hardest position to evaluate on the field is the offensive line, because it takes lots of film study and I don't have access to much, especially for late-round guys.  He is 6'5" and 299 lbs., and was in the Fresno State power run game, so I will assume he is a mauler, which has been the draft M.O.for Thomas Dimitroff.

7th Round-Cliff Matthews, DE, South Carolina:  This is my favorite pick of the draft!  To be able to snag a guy this talented in the 7th round is huge for the Falcons, because he can contribute quickly. Georgia fans saw up close how tough Matthews can be to block on the edge, and Mel Kiper had him graded as a 4th rounder.  Huge value here and the kind of luck the Falcons needed to run into after giving up so many picks in the Julio Jones trade.

Who was your favorite Falcons draft pick?  Did you like the Julio Jones trade?  Let us know!  Comment below!

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