Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hole Keeps Getting Deeper At Ohio State

He sold stuff too?  Who didn't is the easier question.
Former Ohio State wide receiver Ray Small has come forward today saying he sold bowl rings and other memorabilia and got special discounts on cars as well while on scholarship at THE Cheating University.  You can read the ESPN article HERE.

Once again, here's another example of the blind eye that Jim Tressel turned to his players violations.  The most important quote in the entire article is when Small says that "everyone was doing it" while he was on campus from 2006-2009.  Just think, last week president Gordon Golly Gee Willikers still stood behind Tressel as Ohio State's football coach. 

How long can the NCAA sit idly by and let Ohio State be run by these buffoons?  How can anyone honestly back a coach that has this much smoke surrounding his program?  If THE Cheating University or Jim Tressel somehow skates their way through this, then this will supplant Auburn and the Camburglar as the biggest heist in NCAA history. 

Who knows, maybe the NCAA is sitting back and letting the Suckeyes dig their own grave?  I just have a hard time believing that this can drag on long enough that Jim Tressel is able to coach the team this year.  At some point, though, the NCAA has to step in and stop the circus.

What is your opinion of Ohio State's program?  Will Tressel coach this upcoming season?  If not, who will it be?

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