Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why The Falcons Shouldn't Trade Up To Get A.J. Green

He would look good in Falcon red and black, but at what cost?

Let me first say this:  If the Falcons do move up and get A.J. Green, I will be glad to have him as part of my favorite team.  Heck, I might be the fat white guy walking around in his jersey, but I don't think this would be a wise move by Tom Dimitroff. 

Bottom Line:  It's too costly for the Falcons.

The thought of having a guy like A.J. Green lining up across from Roddy White is enough to cause opposing defensive coordinators to lose sleep.  Green is the best offensive skill player in the draft and will certainly be a top five pick.  The cost to move from #27 to top five would be counter-productive for Atlanta.  To move up 20+ spots will cost at least a 1st, 2nd, 3rd-4th and probably another early pick in next season's draft (2nd).  The inability to move players in draft day deals, due to the complications from the lockout, is no help either.  The Falcons have too many holes to fill on defense to give up that many early picks for one offensive player. 

There is an alternative though:  Trade up for Julio Jones.  This is still a reach as well, as Jones is likely to go in the top 10, but the cost of a pick around 8-12 is much less than a pick in the 3-5 range; maybe only the 1st, 2nd this year and maybe only one more pick (2nd-3rd) next year.  To me, this is still counter-productive for the Falcons' needs, but it's much more prudent than a huge jump for Green.  The difference in talent between Green and Jones is much less than the difference in cost.  Julio Jones is the better bargain 

There is only one player in this draft I would pay that price to move into the top five, and that's LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson.  He would fill a HUGE need for the Falcons on defense and special teams.  If he falls past #4 to Cincinnati, don't be surprised if the Falcons do pounce on the best player in the draft. 

That's a move I could get excited about.

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  1. Even the morning after the big trade, I still think the Falcons gave up too much for Jones. If we're giving up 5 picks, go get the BEST guy, and that was Green. Cleveland really wanted Jones, so the Falcons had to overpay to make them trade out and give up the pick. The Falcons were really trying to trade up to fourand get Green, according to Chris Mortensen. That tells me this was a reach because they "had to have" a playmaker, not that they were sold on Jones over Green. I hope Dimitroff and Mike Smith are right on this one, but I'm not sold.