Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking a Leake, Or Should I Say Leake-A-Taking?

You may have already heard the news story regarding Cincinnati Reds' pitcher Mike Leake's arrest after stealing from a Cincy department store.  It's made the national news.  If not, you can read about it HERE.

I have a few questions regarding this story:
If you make $425,000 a year, as Leake will this season, do you really need to steal shirts from Macy's?  Couldn't you just save yourself the trouble of being arrested and just PAY FOR THEM?  Novel idea there.  Even if he didn't have cash, just swipe the plastic and crisis averted, it less than $60!

Here's my most pressing question, though:
At which Macy's can you get 6 shirts for $59.88?  According to the police report, the six shirts stolen by Leake had a value of $59.88.  I have a hard time finding 2 shirts at Macy's for $59.88!  Heck, it is hard to find 6 shirts at Wal-Mart for less than $60.  Did he use a coupon before he took off with them?  Maybe it would be worth my while to head up to Cincinnati and check out their local Macy's.  It's certainly much cheaper than the Macy's here in Athens.  That's the reason I shop at Belk.

All kidding aside, it should be interesting how this case turns out.  Leake and his legal team feel pretty confident that he will be exonerated once he tells his side of the story.  It could be that an employee at the store recognized him and told him to just have the stuff, who knows.  I doubt he ever serves more than probation, even if he gets that.  I just think it's funny that a pro baseball player making $425,000 has stolen shirts worth less than $60. 

I wonder if has a thing for Lindsay Lohan?  They could make a good couple. 


  1. Winona Ryder stole from a department store as well. Although, she stole $5,500 worth of merchandise. I think your idea of the items being given to him is probably the case. But the thought of someone actually recognizing him is a bit of a stretch.

  2. You know they love their Reds up in Cincy! If it wasn't someone recognizing his celebrity, then it could've been an inside job where he knew the store employee was going to hook him up.
    That's what has always happened at Free Shoes University, remember Peter Warrick and Laveranues Coles?

  3. They hit the 98% off sale at Dillard's in Tallahassee!

  4. UPDATE: Leake threw 7 innings Thursday night, giving up 3 runs and striking out 6. Not bad when you consider he's got theft charges hanging over his head.