Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stephen Garcia Suspended Again. In Other News...

If you want to steer clear of trouble, stay away from this guy!

I mean, really, how many chances/strikes/lives does Stephen Garcia have at South Carolina?  He's like Super Mario or Wile E. Coyote.  

According to Steve Spurrier and South Carolina AD Eric Hyman, this suspension will last the remainder of the spring semester and his standing with the team will be reevaluated in May.  This coming two weeks after Garcia proclaimed, "Nothing bad is going to happen again, that's guaranteed," after his reinstatement from his last suspension.  

If you believe the Gamecock brass, this could be the final straw for Garcia in Columbia.  I'll believe it when I hear he has been dismissed from the team.  Until then, I'll assume he'll be back in time for fall practice and the season, just like usual.  It's like when a kid does something wrong and Mom threatens to spank him, then keeps misbehaving and he continues to get the same threat instead of the deserved butt whooping. 

This quote from Spurrier makes me believe he may actually follow through with a true punishment this time.  "We try to tell him to do the right thing, but like I said, when he gets out on his own, he's going to do his own thing."  This sounds like the Ole Ball Coach has finally realized that Garcia may be a lost cause, even though they need him to win ball games. 

What amazes me about this whole situation is the fact that there is no legitimate replacement for Garcia, if he is dismissed.  For the "great" repuation Spurrier has for recruiting and developing quaterbacks (which is a total myth by the way; when has one of his quarterbacks ever done anything in the NFL?) he only has a kid from Georgia that UGA didn't even want, to turn to.  If he does grow a pair and dismiss Garcia, the chances of a USC repeat as SEC East champions diminish greatly.

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  1. This whole relationship between Spurrier and Garcia and USC is a mystery.

    It would seem to be no big deal if Connor Shaw was the next starting QB, but by not getting rid of the problem(Garcia) it seems that USC still needs him. I don't see a team making some many exceptions for a backup QB otherwise.

    Spurrier benched Garcia during the Auburn game this decision was widely questioned, nationally.

    It has seemed that this relationship is over many times and that the new guy is being pushed into the big stage but Garcia is still a member of USC, who knows?