Monday, April 18, 2011


The Lakers may have a tough time but when the smoke clears I think they will three-peat! No other team accept maybe the Celtics have all the pieces in place to win it all. Boston is old and without and does not have the post players to match up, and to that fact niether does anyone else. Lakers win third in row and here are the rest of my playoff predictions...

2nd Round

Western Conference

(1) San Antonio Spurs vs. (4) Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder will make the Spurs look their age, but the Spurs will not go down without a fight. I really want to pick the Spurs here with their experience and tough playoff-ready verterans, but I just think they have too many problems this year. The lack of their trademark defense and injuries being at the top of a long list. So the athleticism of the Thunder will just be too much and the old Spurs will wear out in the end. Thunder in 7

(2) L.A. Lakers vs. (3) Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs will give the Lakers all they can handle. The Lakers will prevail because of their superior post play. Both the Mavs and Lakers have big time scores who can make big play and hit clutch shots, but the Lakers are just too long and tall inside, Lakers in 6.

Eastern Conference

(1) Chicago Bulls vs. (4) Orlando Magic

I like the Bulls personnel and think they should make mutliple deep runs in the playoffs in the future. Chicago has played with passion and hustle all year and as a result they have the best record in the playoffs. Chicago is still young and inexperienced in the playoffs and heart alone will not get it done at this stage.

Orlando has had their fair share of problems this year, but when it counts they play defense and that will be enough to slow down the young firepower of the Bulls. The Bulls have very good big men, but no one can stop D. Howard, Magic in 7.

(2) Miami Heat vs. (3) Boston Celtics

This is the hardest game to pick but it should be a classic! Boston is experienced as a team and their defense should hold the big three in check. The game will be decided inside if Shaq was healthy or if Kendrick Perkins was still there, Boston would have even more of an advantage inside.

But Boston has enough considering the Heat have no inside presence. Boston should beat the Heat up inside, unless James gets down and dirty in the paint and I don't think that will happen (but he could like the way Magic jumped center). Going along with their inside advantage, Boston will beat up the Heat but not just inside but on the permeter as well. Celtics in 7

3rd round

Western Conference

(2) L.A. Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Lakers have too much everything for the Thunder. The Thunder's athletism and high octane offense will make this series fun, but just too much Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Phil Jackston, just too much Lakers. Lakers in 6

Eastern Conference

(3) Boston Celtics vs. (4) Orlando Magic

Boston will have no answer for D. Howard that we all know. Howard is such a force of nature inside that will keep this series competive, but in Celtics are build for playoffs and will beat the Magic in every other facet of the game. Plus Boston has that great home court advantage, Celtics in 6.

NBA Championship

L.A Laker vs. Boston Celtics

Can you say rematch! Both of these team will not get to the championship next year, if they do not get younger in the off season. With that said they will have enough to get here one last time, but Boston will look really old and the Lakers will have home court and an inside advantage. Boston's age and missing big men will make this an easier series for L.A., than it was last year, Lakers in 6.


  1. Can you say MORON?? Because that is what your picks sound like.
    1. The Lakers will be lucky to make it to the second round....they go down & will not make the finals.
    2. The Spurs "weather" the Thunder!
    3. Orlando is in trouble and will never beat the Celtics...
    4. The "Heat" are going to "turn up the heat" and bring it home this year..

    ...and that my friend you can take to the bank!

  2. I would be surprised if the Lakers lose another game in the first round. They will definitely advance though, the NBA will make sure of that.

  3. I picked the Celtics to beat the Magic and I said I thought the Spurs still might beat the Thunder. I would like to see other people put their picks up. Then we can see who does better head to head! You don't have to write as much as Jordan and I did just put the picks down in black and white.