Friday, April 22, 2011


Just call me "El Gato".  I've got at least nine lives.

Evidently the lack of quarterback depth at South Carolina is worse than we all imagined.  According to this article Steve Spurrier and athletic director Eric Hyman have deemed it necessary to give Stephen Garcia another second chance (like, the 4th or 5th one) to be a part of the Gamecock program.  This time he will have a set of "strict" (suuuuurrre...) guidelines he has to follow to remain on the team.

My questions are:  Why hasn't this been done already?  Did he not get a strict set of guidelines the first four times he was suspended?  What makes anyone think that Garcia believes any rules apply to him anyway?  He's gotten away with so much under Spurrier that Ole Ball Coach's voice is akin to Mommy saying "This is my last warning, I'm going to spank you NEXT time." 

Keep in mind, the reason for this suspension was him showing up wasted to a leadership conference and being such a disruption he was asked to leave.  That's really the guy you want leading your team?  I don't think so, unless in Spurrier's twisted mind he thinks Garcia is the only guy who can win him ball games, which I will assume is true, based on this quick reinstatement.

This just goes to validate the assertion I've held about Steve Spurrier for a long time.  PEOPLE GIVE HIM WAAAAAAY TOO MUCH CREDIT!  He won 6 SEC titles and 1 National Championship at Florida, but Urban Meyer won 2 National Championships at Florida in half the time, in a much more competitive SEC. 

Don't get me wrong, he is a great X's and O's coach, but great quarterbacks don't want to play for him.  His schizophrenic shuffling at the position has scared off many top QB's in years past, and when has he ever developed a capable NFL quarterback anyway?  His best were Rex Grossman, Danny Wuerffel and Doug Johnson and they weren't great pros.  Grossman was competent, but the other two were terrible. 

This isn't the first time he's given repeated chances to a star player.  Think back to JaBurglar (Jabar) Gaffney when he was at Florida.  It's obvious that winning is number one for Steve Spurrier and to heck with the rest. 

Stephen Garcia is graduating this May and will be on track to lead the Gamecocks out of the tunnel for their season opener in September.  Does anyone really think he can stay out of trouble for four months after graduation?  When he has no responsibilities but football?  He is a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode again, ready for Spurrier's next second chance.  They really deserve each other.


  1. I bet this wild man QB get tons of chicks in Columbia. Girls love a jerk like him! But I don't get all the 2nd chances this guy gets, he is not that good!

  2. You make my whole point about Steve Spurrier. He has to bend the rules for an average Qb to have any chance at winning. Public perception has always been that he's some QB guru, but he's never put out great QB's, even when he was winning championships at Florida.