Thursday, April 28, 2011

NFL Draft Tonight, Join Us For the Action!

Will you be watching?  You should be!

It's Christmas and New Year's all rolled into one for most NFL fans tonight!  The NFL Draft:  Where teams get better and some teams get, well, laughed out of the building, usually the Raiders.  Join Matt and I tonight as we watch the Draft and chat about it live here on the blog.  I am working on a live chat box for the site, so drop by and comment on each pick as it happens live.  Who will be the draft winners?  Who will be the losers (Oakland, probably)?

We will also be posting leading up to the Draft as well, covering topics such as:

Why I Wouldn't Draft Cam Newton at #1

Why the Falcons Shouldn't Trade Up For A.J. Green, but Might for Julio Jones

Also we will be analyzing each upcoming pick and making projections as well.  JOIN US TONIGHT!


  1. I can't bring myself to watch it. Lately, I've become disenchanted with the NFL. Back in college it was such an entertaining product. Now though, the NFL controls every little detail and seems to squash anything remotely out of the box. Add the lockout/strike on top of that, and I'm just not interested.

  2. Come and chat with us man, you know you want to see what the Panthers are going to do at #1!