Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick Hitter: Sacramento Might Lose the Kings, Who Knew?

Unless you follow the NBA closely, you might not know Sacto is losing the Kings.

Great article HERE by Bill Simmons regarding the plight of the Maloof brothers and their attempts to sell/move the Sacramento Kings.

I honestly had little idea that the Maloofs were in this much trouble financially.  The last time I really paid attention to them, they were opening The Palms in Vegas and seemed to be living like real-life Kings.  They seemed to be on the same level of Mark Cuban in terms of vocal ownership that was well-liked by its fans. 

Simmons goes into great detail regarding the downturn of the Maloof empire, mixed in with some bad luck that has negatively impacted the small-market Kings franchise.  It's definitely worth your time to click the link.   


  1. I heard about this a few weeks ago. What's interesting to me is that they will probably move to Anaheim and change their name to the "Royals" because there is already a franchise in the LA area with the name "Kings". Back when the franchise moved from Cincinnati to Kansas City, they had to change their name from the "Royals" to the "Kings" because of the Kansas City Royals. Just thought it was interesting.

  2. UPDATE: Kings to stay in Sacto one more year!