Monday, July 25, 2011

Pro AM Part III

SHEED IN THE HOUSE!!! Rasheed Wallace played with Greg Little and Andre Dawkins. Little looked football ready, his body was massive, and his game was weak. I am sure Little was out there just to stay in shape and play in the home crowd. Little is infamous for his off the field problems that took place at UNC, but he is quite the physical specimen. He was taken in the 2nd round in this year's NFL draft. Dawkins looked like the best player on the court(maybe because Sheed was just playing around). Dawkins shot the ball well and looked very confident. Dawkins might be ready to have a breakout year at Duke. Dawkins looked to be a true 6-4 and long, he could be one or two this year in scoring for Duke.
Wallace is number 15 and is clearly bigger than anyone on the court. Sheed screamed a lot and his team won, but he didn't do too much on the offensive end. He grabbed what seemed to be every defensive rebound and threw long outlet passes down the court. He rarely ran down on offense. His defense lacked effort as well, a player from the other team went down the middle for a tomahawk dunk, and Sheed just moved out of the way and shook his head. He shot the ball only once(from almost half court) and missed.

The Sheed has always been a super talented basketball player, but he is known for being a character. Thursday night he did not disappoint. Sheed showed up 5 minutes late (came and sat on the bench at the 15 minute mark) and starting putting on his shoes while sitting on the bench. Surprise, as soon as his shoes were on, he went right into the game. Wallace did not play last year and you could tell. Maybe he is trying to get back in shape, so he can make a NBA roster next year. If you look closely at the pic you can see Sheed has spare tire around his waist. His NBA bio lists him at 6-11, 230 lbs., but there is no way he is 230 lbs. any more. Sheed weighs at least 260 lbs. or more. He dwarfed everyone on the court and ran up and down the court as little as possible. Dawkins is number 7 in the picture.



  1. Did you get any autographs or anything? There were a ton of stars there.

  2. I switch back and forth between the two as I see fit. Glad your back man!