Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Greg Little at the North Carolina Pro Am

I wonder what Greg is looking at?

This is an interview with Greg Little at the Pro Am. He is talking about the mistakes he made at UNC and the NFL lockout. By then lockout discussions were very positive and resulted in an agreement that was finalized yesterday. Greg Little may be a real steal from this year's NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns passed up on Julio Jones and traded their pick to the Atlanta Falcons. They must have believed Little to be close to Jones in ability and a better value in the 2nd round. Little missed all of his senior season with off the field troubles and yet was still drafted in the 2nd round! Little's basketball skills were on display at the Pro AM and he was far from polished. Still, Greg Little is a football player trying to stay in shape in front of his hometown(Durham) crowd. Little was "anything but...", he looked to be in good shape. Little is 6-3 and looks like he weighs 230 lbs.. Most likely Little will not be there this week, but it should be interesting to see what superstar athletes will be at the Pro AM this week!


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