Monday, July 25, 2011

MUST READ Quick Hitter: Mike Leach Speaks About Adam and Craig James

Mike Leach has finally spoken about the timeline of incidents that led to his firing from Texas Tech.  Of course, he does it in his new book, Swing Your Sword.  In it, the Pirate discusses Adam and Craig James and the politics that led to his firing from the school.  HERE IS THE MUST-READ EXCERPT, from Sports Illustrated.

It was pretty well-noted that the James' were a cancer to Red Raider football, but reading the quote from former QB Graham Harrell says more than anything Leach could say.

This book seems like a sure buy for me when it comes out on Kindle.

One Question:  Which book will outsell the other:  Gene Chizik's All In  or Mike Leach's Swing Your Sword?

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