Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures from the North Carolina Pro AM Part II

You can see Kyrie Irving and Austin Rivers. Jay Williams is in the middle and all three Dukies are posing together for the cameras.

Past, present, and the future, Jay Williams, Kyrie Irving(this years #1 pick in the NBA Draft), and the much hyped Austin Rivers who will attend Duke Unversity this year.

Austin Rivers talking to former Duke great Jay Williams.

Austin Rivers should be a really good college player right from the start. Rivers is not a great athlete which may prevent him from ever becoming an NBA all-star. Rivers should put up huge numbers at Duke and then have a long ordinary career in NBA, but he seems to have killer instincts and that goes a long way. Other Duke players have killer instincts as well and it did not translate to NBA superstardom.

This is Austin Rivers shooting a free throw. Rivers is not a great jumper nor does he have great foot speed which means he will fit right in at Duke. Like other Duke stars of the past, Rivers is a great shooter, and unlike many of Duke's former players, he has great body control. He plays with a Kobe Bryant type swagger, which makes one wonder how he will mix with Coach K's military style idea of a team next year. Rivers would talk to the crowd and throw up hand signs after a good play. One time the crowd told him to shoot and put up one from about half court. I doubt he does that while he is playing for Coach K next year, if he tries, it should be interesting!

There were some pretty good players on the court this night. Pictured here is Austin Rivers, son of Doc Rivers, coach of the Boston Celtics. Seth Curry, son of Dell Curry and brother of Stephen Curry who plays for the Golden State Warriors. Also Darius Johnson-Odom who plays for the Marquette Golden Eagles. Johnson-Odom was the second best player on the floor during this game. Seth Curry shot the ball well, but other than that, nothing noteworthy. After, seeing Curry in person he is no more than 6-0 foot. Johnson-Odom's star was only out shinned by Rivers, but that should not be too much of a surprise. Johnson-Odom averaged almost 16.0 pts. a game last year and Rivers is considered by most, a one and done next year.

Don't know why Austin Rivers is bowing. Maybe he is getting ready for the Duke vs. UNC game!


  1. Boy you just can't resist a chance to insult Duke. Any UNC guys there? This was going to be the year that I finally went to the Pro Am...oh well maybe another year.

  2. The Pro AM is still going on until Aug. 7 and I said some nice things about the Duke guys. I thought Duke fans would find my honest evaluation of the players they have coming in, eye opening. Nick, if you only watch Austin Rivers college career you will happy as a Duke fan until he leaves early.

  3. Check out Part III and I will make fun of some UNC guys too. I am fair...

  4. Considering I don't watch the NBA...I'll probably be happy. I pull for the Duke players in the NBA, but am not overly concerned.