Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pictures from the North Carolina PRO AM!

Please excuse the quality of theses pictures. I took them with my phone at the Annual Pro Am in Durham, NC. This event is being held on the campus of North Carolina Central University. There are NBA stars, as well as college and high school stars, who play in the Summer league tournament every year. It has been labeled as the "Rucker of the South." It does have a Rucker Park feel since the announcer does play by play over the loud speaker, more hyping the action than calling the game. Number six in the picture is the heralded incoming Duke freshman
Austin Rivers.

Miles Plumlee, taking off his shirt in front of former Duke star Jay Williams. I wonder if Williams is impressed by Plumlee's skills that were on display.

Incoming freshman 7 footer Marshall Plumlee saying hello to former college great, Jay Williams.

Alex Murphy, watching a his team, is being dismantled by Dominique Sutton. Get use to the feeling Alex, it will prepare you for Chapel Hill next year.

Dominique Sutton at the free throw line. Sutton led his team to victory, despite having no major division talent to help him. Sutton could average 25.0 points a game at Central if he plays like he did this night!

This is a picture of all three Plumlee boys on the court at the same time at the annual PRO AM in Durham, NC. Even with the talent and height advantage, the brothers still lose to a team with inferior talent. Mason was dunked on by a much smaller man, Dominique Sutton, who will play for North Carolina Central next year. The dunk was such a facial that Mason had to bend his head down to keep from getting hit in the face as the ball went throught net. Sutton is labeled at 6-5 but is more like 6-3. With all three Plumlee boys on the court, as well as Alex Murphy,(incoming freshman at Duke Unversity), the NC Central star outshined them all!

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