Sunday, July 31, 2011

NC Pro AM Thursday July 26th

I can't figure out why Mason Plumlee isn't dominant. He is the most physically gifted player I have seen at the Pro AM. Maybe Plumlee is uninterested, has no heart, or just lacks the killer instincts needed to be great. Also, Plumlee should be a better rebounder, considering how athletic he is. Rasheed Wallace may not have been playing hard, but in the first half his large presence gave Plumlee trouble. In the second half Plumlee began to use his athleticism to get the better of Sheed. Plumlee is taller than Wallace and more athletic(now that Sheed is old).

You can see Plumlee's athleticism. Here is a video of Mason Plumlee going-one-on one with Rasheed Wallace.

Andre Dawkins is looking really good at the Pro AM. He is playing with great confidence and you can see how he looks like he is in complete control on the court. Dawkins is on Rasheed Wallace's team and they have not lost during the Pro AM so far. If his performance at the Pro AM is any indication of things to come, Dawkins should have a break out year for Duke this year.

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