Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tried to Watch the Hawks-They are Brutally Bad Right Now

As many know, I really like basketball but don't really enjoy the NBA, especially on television.  That said, I have tried to get back into watching the hometown Hawks, especially after they shook up the roster with the trade for Kirk Hinrich.  After watching them get blasted by the Bulls and blow a perfectly winnable game against the Sixers tonight, I must say that I have likely watched my last Hawks game this regular season, and maybe for the entirety of the season (1st round of playoffs).

One would think that if millions of dollars weren't motivation enough to give a good effort every night, proving your manhood would be.  It seems as though the team has quit on Larry Drew (his son knows about quitting) even though he's only the first-year head coach.  While the Hawks have most likely wrapped up a 5 seed (Philadelphia could pass them), there is no fan in Hawks Nation that believes they can hang with 4th seeded Orlando in the first round, given the results of that series last year. 

Quite frankly, I'm tiring of watching Hawks, much like I tired of watching the Braves in the early 2000's.  Same story, different year.  Pretty good teams, make the playoffs and lose without having a serious chance at making a push for a championship.  I say it's time to blow the whole thing up, from the ownership down.  Atlanta sports fans could only be so luck to get rid of the Spirit, right?  Al Horford and Josh Smith are young and worth building around, but after the awful contract the Atlanta Spirit gave Joe Johnson and the inability to move Marvin Williams and their incompetence in the draft, there is little hope for the Hawks ever being able to make a championship run in their current state.

If I'm going to watch an NBA team, I'd much rather watch a young team with good, skilled players and even greater potential. 
Oklahoma City Thunder anyone?

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  1. There are some great basketball families, the Barry family, Walton family, Bryant family, and don't forget the Carolina family.

    But the Drew family is a joke!

    Everyone knows Larry Drew Jr.'s father and mother told him to leave UNC and why did they tell their cry baby son to leave in the middle of the season? Because Roy didn't know how to use him properly, RIGHTTTT...

    Who really thinks Coach Williams with his two National Championships and seven final fours doesn't know what he is doing? If Larry Drew Sr thinks his son is a big time point guard, then you know he can't coach a NBA team!