Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just your thoughts...

So let's hear everyones' thoughts about how the NCAA tournament so far. I think the tournament has been really exciting with some great finishes, everything we have come to expect from March Madness.

I will say that I do not look forward to the VCU vs Butler game, only some purists would. I like to see guys who are physically gifted and will play and be stars at the next level! Plus, I like to see athletic big men and there are none of those left, but March Madness is decided by guards most of time anyway.

Here are my predictions, Butler over VCU. I think Butler has the stars(Mack and Howard) to rely on and the experience of their team will help them beat VCU if it is close.

I think UConn will beat Kentucky. Kentucky played their best game already againist UNC and their young team will not be enough to overcome the experience and swagger of Kemba Walker. Great point guards win championships and I see this year being more of the same.

Kemba Walker and UConn win the NCAA championship. I picked them in my bracket to go to the championship, but I did not have them winning. Now that the talented teams have bowed out early, UConn should win it all!

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  1. I love the Butler/VCU matchup and it's pretty much the only reason I'm still interested in this tournament. As a Duke fan, I find it hard to pull for Kentucky or UConn, but I think I'll probably pull for Kentucky. I would love to see a Kentucky/VCU match-up with VCU winning.

  2. I wanted to pick UConn in my bracket pool but I stuck with the chalk instead, since that had been successful these last few years. My lack of guts cost me $200. I think the VCU/Butler game was the most unlikely Final Four matchup of all time.

  3. My lack of guts not picking UConn to win it all cost me $1000. I am still tore up inside!