Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Former Auburn Players Admit to Getting Paid: Who Knew?

This guy says he got money to play at Auburn.

For months I've been lectured by Auburn fans about the "facts" of the Cam Newton case, even though I believe very few people know the truth about what happened.  Auburn fans were quick to spin the details of the cover-up as "facts".  It appears as though we may finally have some real "facts" as to the integrity of the Auburn football program. 

According to a HBO Real Sports interview, four former players have admitted to receiving money before and during their time at Auburn.  These ranged from "money handshakes" to rewards for performance to money for cars.  You can read the transcript of the show here:  if you missed the show. 

It will be interesting to see if the NCAA will investigate this matter, since they have yet to make a comment related to the report.  This reminds me of when Tony Cole blew the whistle on the Harricks while at Georgia, after he was wired money by Jim Harrick Jr. to help pay bills.  There was an investigation and penalties were handed down in that case by the NCAA. 

I don't know why these four players would come forward now, but my guess is that the truth, or for Auburn fans the "facts", will set you free.  The rest of the college football world has a glimmer of hope today that justice might actually be served for Auburn's repeated disregard for NCAA policy.  (Insert Auburn fan's argument here about other programs' secondary infractions being the same as their lack of institutional control and failure to promote an atmoshpere of compliance, two of the major NCAA infractions.)

The sad thing is in the end, it's these same Auburn fans who will pay the ultimate price if justice is served.  They are just defending their program as any fan would, but once all the real "facts" are done rearing their ugly head, will they even have a team worth rooting for?

How do you feel about these allegations?  Are you happy, relieved, disgusted?  Let us know!


  1. Death penalty, that's the only option left for their open and blatant repeat of major NCAA rules. Remember, they were almost there before with Eric Ramsey!

  2. As an Alabama fan, I'm happy. As an SEC fan, I'm disappointed. But I also feel bad for Auburn fans who finally, after being screwed out of 2 National Title opportunities in the past (1 by the BCS and 1 by postseason ban), have something good and it now might get squashed.
    But I just want to end my statement, by saying I hate Auburn.

  3. Forgive the cliche, but where there is smoke there is fire! Something has smelled fishy since the Newton news came out. It seems Auburn is trying to win at all cost.

    The SEC is the best football conference by far, no one is close. With that said most of them cheat and this is proven.

    I have no proof but I think more SEC teams would get caught but the NCAA turns a blind. This might be because the SEC good brand of football is good for the NCAA or maybe the SEC teams are paying the right people, they have tons of doe.

    I think the Auburn players came clean because someone paid them too, or they knew the truth would come out no matter what.

    I hate it because I am a UNC fan and the football players this year took such a small amount of money compared to what the SEC pays there guys(Newton's $180,000).

    UNC's players were suspended and we lost a real chanace at a National Champion, over a few thousand dollars!

  4. Don't fool never had a real chance.