Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jimmer Fredette-It's Been Real, It's Been Fun. Heck, It's Been REAL FUN!

One of the great college scorers of all time wrapped up his career tonight.

Jimmer Fredette's BYU career ended tonight with an overtime loss to Florida.  What an incredible career it was!  I've always appreciated great shooters, especially those with well-rounded skill sets that are able to create many different shots.  J.J. Redick was the last "great" college scorer, but really wasn't able to create his own shot off the dribble.  It is certainly true that Jimmer can score from anywhere on the floor inside the half court line.  If you don't believe me, check out this link:  Jimmer from DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

Unlike Redick (and I like J.J. for the record), Fredette has had an uncanny ability to create his own shot by getting to the rim and using the defense to create space to knockdown the mid-range jumper.  In short, no matter how you tried to stop him, he could exploit your weakness to get open shots from anywhere. 

What I'm looking most forward to is seeing how/if his game translates to NBA success.  If you could mesh Adam Morrison's and J.J. Redick's games, I think you have Jimmer Fredette's game.  We all know how extremely underwhelming each of those guys has been in the NBA, but a combination of both (Jimmer), I think, can have success in the Association. 

What I do know about Jimmer is this:  He has made it well worth the $5 a month I pay DirecTV for the expanded sports package.  I have watched the mtn. and CBS College Sports more this season than I probably ever will again.  Jimmer Fredette is a player that we will tell our future children/grandchildren about and I wish him the best in the NBA. Thank you Jim-mer!! Clap---Clap---ClapClapClap!

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  1. You got to love a guy like Jimmer because we, as sports fans, feel like he is one of us.

    No sports fan can relate to Lebron James or Blake Griffin because they look superhuman, but that is what makes a NBA star.

    Fredette always looks human and in a league of superior athletes his game will not translate. I wish it would because it would give all of us weekend warriors hope, but it will not.

    Adam Morrison + J.J. Redick = bench!

    That is where Jimmer, if he works hard, will stay, for his whole career and he might need to be in the right system to have a long career even as a bench player. He could be like a Wally Szcerbiak, but I don't see it.

    Here is another prediction you can take to the bank, about another big time college player, (so called in his case), Kyle Singler will not have a long career in the NBA, not even as bench player. He will be lucky to play 3 years in the league and if he does, it will only be because of his name.

    This prediction is a lock and if Vegas had odds on it, I would soon be a millionaire!