Friday, March 25, 2011

Jim Tressel-Put the Shovel Down!

Did Jim Tressel dig his own grave?

My dad always taught me to tell the truth because in the long run, the punishment would be far less that trying to string together a web of lies.  Jim Tressel has the market cornered when it comes to lying. 

A new report has surfaced saying Jim Tressel forwarded emails he received last spring regarding the rules violations committed by Terrelle Pryor and other Buckeyes, to the mentor of Pryor.  Didn't he just say in his half-hearted "apology" a couple weeks ago that he didn't tell anyone about the violations because he thought the matter was "confidential" and he didn't know who to report them to?  He didn't know who to report them to (yeah right), but he sure knew who NOT to report them to:  Ohio State and the NCAA.   So, basically, he lied in his apology, and in doing so, made AD Gene Smith and President Gordon Gee look like even bigger clowns than what they already appeared to be (see Gordon Gee's: "Well, I just hope he doesn't fire me!). 

At what point does he pay a legitimate price for these lies?  Dez Bryant was suspended for the remainder of an entire season when he lied to the NCAA about a meeting with Deion Sanders that wasn't even a violation of rules.  Bruce Pearl was just fired for his shenanigans and subsequent cover-up attempt.  At the moment, Tressel is sitting on a self-imposed 5 game suspension and a $250,000 fine.  If the worst AD in major college sports, Mike Hamilton, can fire Bruce Pearl, certainly the Ohio State brass will have the gumption to get rid of this habitual liar. 

The most disappointing thing is that Tressel was a revered coach and let many of his fans and former players down.  He certainly wasn't what he appeared to be, instead hiding behind the clean sweater vest image.  Obviously people make mistakes and tell lies, but when someone lies on top of lies on top of lies, that shows a terrible lack of integrity.  If he's told this many lies, how many more has he told to cover all this up?  What else is going on in his program that we should know about? 

Bottom Line:  If Jim Tressel isn't fired then this is another case of Ohio State's arrogance and belief that they are above the law, when instead they are just an average program that can't win the big one.  Unless the officials hand it to them:


  1. You would think he would be fired, but I'm betting he won't be. Ohio State is probably unsure of what to do. They can keep him and suffer the consequences of having a crooked coach or they can fire him and have one of their competitors swoop in a hire him. My guess is they would rather have a successful coach that lies than let someone else have him.

  2. The only thing is if Jim Tressel does get hammered by the NCAA, then he will be a "show cause" most likely, and other teams who want to hire him would have to appeal to the NCAA as to why they would want him. It's kind of like being blackballed by the NCAA. This is what happened to Jim Harrick when he got in trouble at Georgia, and he nor his son have ever coached in college again.

    He would fit in well at Auburn though, if Gene Cheez-It takes the fall, wouldn't he?