Friday, March 25, 2011


I am posting a question, how is it that a team that is top 5 all year, who wins 13 games in conference, has a overall record of 32-4, and another ACC tournament championship, lose in the sweet 16 to a 5 seed?
But Duke didn't just lose they were dominated by 16, and it could have been worse! And Duke was lucky to get this far they almost and should have lost to Michigan last round.
So, I open the floor looking for honest answers. I have some good ideas but would like to hear every one's opinion, how was Duke so easily dominated?


  1. Check my twitter, I called this one. My friend Nate and I were discussing this game last week when we were filling out our brackets and thought this would be the point where Duke stumbled.

    Arizona is back and they are really good! Sean Miller has had a great track record at Xavier in the NCAA tournament and they played with a purpose last night. That game was won on defense in the 2nd half (33 pts for Duke).

    Duke played a bad half and that will generally get you sent home in March (see Wisconsin in the first half last night). This could've very easily been UNC last Sunday against Washington, but UW kept handing you guys the ball which fueled the comeback.

    Marquette will be a tough out tonight, especially if the Heels dig themselves an early hole. They do a good job of controlling tempo and will limit your possessions if they are ahead.

    Should be a great night of basketball tonight, I can't wait. I hope VCU wins and I would pull for Richmond if it wouldn't ruin my bracket.

  2. Where was Nolan Smith? A non factor. Kyrie was supposed to help but it looked like the rest of the team was just watching him play. I can't blame coach K for sticking him in there but it definitely disrupted Duke's chemistry.

    Derek Williams was a man among boys, period. What a beast! And he was 5/6 from 3 point range. Look out UConn.

  3. The above comment alone shows the unpredictability of the NCAA tournament. You say look out UConn now, but Arizona struggled against Memphis and should have lost to Texas. I knew it would be a tough game, but nobody who had watched Arizona last weekend would have expected them to roll Duke like that.
    I just hope the remaining ACC team, Florida State, can keep on winning.

  4. Jordan, a bad half will get you sent home, but not blown out.

    Duke also struggled with Michigan who, I think, had 14 losses this season.

    Carolina, on the other hand, played Washington who was a very good team (too good to be a 7). Two weeks ago on a neutral floor, who did Washington beat... on yeah!

    UNC should have beat Washington by double digits. Carolina missed lay ups at the end of the game to.

    Every sports analyst in American said they were baffled by the disappearance of Duke's defense.

    See, Duke was not allowed to play their hands-on defense like they did in the ACC tournament. Without the ability to hand check and body bump, all Duke's defenders looked like they had cement shoes on. In the second half they could not continue to exert the energy needed to keep up with the much quicker Arizona team.

    Arizona is not that great (but DW is the man!).They may lose Saturday!