Tuesday, September 6, 2011

John Wall Part II and videos of others at the NC Pro Am!

UNC's John Henson with the pretty post move. Washington Wizard's point guard John Wall took a lot of shots and missed most of them. Wall hogged the ball all night. Wall never took advantage of his teammate John Henson's height advantage inside. Henson was 4 inches taller than anyone on court and a whole lot longer than the other players. Yet, this was one of the few post passes that ever went inside to Henson.

NC Central star Dominique Sutton flying right by John Wall for the layup. Sutton outplayed John Wall all game. Sutton stepped up and played big all tournament. Sutton should have a huge season this year, and help Central make their leap in Division I this year. Dominique Sutton was named co-MVP along with NBA veteran Rasheed Wallace. Considering the big names who were at the NC Pro Am, Sutton really showed he was a big time player.

Dominique Sutton's great play continues. He blocks the shot with ferocity. Sutton played the entire Pro Am with this kind of intensity and effort.

John Wall did not play well the entire game. Wall must of thought since he was a big time NBA name that Sutton and team would roll over for him. Sutton was not impressed by this former #1 NBA overall pick. P.J. Hairston snatches down the board and throws down the two-hand power jam!

John Wall tries to steal the ball and pleads his case to the refs. Wall was unfocused all game.

UNC's P.J. Hairston with the strong move to the cup. Hairston looks like he can immediately help the Tar Heels with their title run this year.

P.J. Hariston throwing the alley-opp to John Wall for the ridiculous jam!

Dominique Sutton steals the ball from John Wall and then leads the break which leads to the bucket.

John Wall with the incredible spin move in the lane. Wall can't finish, but it brings the crowd to its feet as you can see.

John Wall knocking down the the jump, as he tries to take his team on his back.

John Wall puts the 3 ball in every one's eye and let's everybody know about it!

Wall did lots of this stuff all night.

John Wall gets into a heated argument with Jerry Stackhouse in the huddle. I wonder if Jerry was telling Wall to get inside to John Henson and stop hogging the ball.

John Wall trying to lead a late game rally. It did not work out for Wall's team this night. They lost.

John Wall gets rejected and the crowd stands up in front of the camera again.

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