Monday, September 26, 2011

Is This The Worst Call In College Football History?

So if it goes outside the uprights, they still get a point?
Debating the worst officiating calls of all-time is a great discussion had often by passionate sports fans, especially when their team is on the short end.  I am in no way a Toledo Rockets fan, but they got absolutely hosed in their game against Syracuse on Saturday.

In the books, it looks like a hard-fought, 33-30 overtime loss to the Orange, but in reality, it may be the greatest heist in the history of college sports.  In case you missed it, watch the video below:
At the time, Syracuse had just gone ahead 29-27 and were wrongly awarded the extra point when it clearly missed wide left, as you can obviously see in the picture and video here.  If called properly, the last second field goal by Toledo would've given them a 30-29 win, instead of a 30-all tie and eventual overtime loss.

What separates this as one of the all-time egregious calls is the fact that it is NOT a judgment call!  It's either good or no good.  How could a college referee, STANDING DIRECTLY UNDER THE UPRIGHT, miss such an obvious call?  This isn't like, for example, the Ohio State/Miami 2002 national championship game, that was extended by a very debatable pass interference call.  Good/No Good is not a judgment call like holding or pass interference.

What's even worse is the fact that they had to BOOTH REVIEW AN EXTRA POINT!  And they STILL got it wrong!  It's hard to screw that up in real-time, but to not get it right in slow-motion?  Conspiracy theorists unite!

When I think of the most egregious officiating decisions, two come to mind, one from college football:
The "5th Down" Game helped Colorado share a national championship with Georgia Tech in 1990.  The other one comes from the MLB Playoffs a few years back, when Phil Cuzzi called this Joe Mauer RBI double foul, even though it lands fair by six inches.  These types of calls make me so mad, because there is no judgment to be made.  It's cut and dry.  If the ball lands inside the line it's fair.  You get four downs to get a first down or score.  If the ball goes outside the uprights, you don't get a point.

Toledo has asked that Syracuse vacate the win, but in the end, all they will get is a half-hearted apology that holds no weight at all.  The only circumstance different in this game is the fact that they could use replay, did, and some how STILL managed to miss the call!  That's why I think this is the worst call ever.  Do you know of another terrible call that could beat this one?  If so, let me know!

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