Monday, August 1, 2011

NC Pro AM videos Thursday July 26th Part II

Look how easy the game is for Ryan Kelly. It makes you wonder why Kelly only averaged 6 points a game last year. Kelly doesn't take it to the hole enough, but Kelly did play with a lot of aggressive confidence. Kelly is long, he looks every bit 7 foot. Kelly should be much improved for the Blue Devils this year.

Portland Trailblazers star Raymond Felton knocking down the 3 ball!

Fat Felton making it look easy. As good as Andre Dawkins has looked at the Pro Am, there is no way he can contain a veteran NBA starter like Felton. Felton is clearly out of shape, you can see his gut, but that does not stop him from effortlessly dropping a dime.

Dominique Sutton has been playing like a man possessed. This is Sutton catching an alley-oop. Sutton will play for North Carolina Central this year. It is hard to believe at that level, he will not dominate this year. The Pro Am is not exactly the NBA, but there is some really good talent at the Pro Am, even though the defensive intensity is lacking at times. Sutton is quick, fast, strong, intense, long, has great leaping ability, and has every skill a good shooting guard needs. Sutton is not intimidated by any of the big names. Dominique has played as well as anyone at the Pro Am. If one had to make a decision between who was better, Andre Dawkins or Dominique Sutton, it would be too hard to make.

Another dunk by Sutton. He had too many to count Thursday.

Sutton knocking down the jumper.

Dominique Sutton dishing out an assist. Sutton was showing the total package on Thursday night.

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