Thursday, August 18, 2011

John Henson, Austin Rives, and other Stars at the NC Pro Am!

Shown here is UNC's P.J. Hairston, who should be a big help this year for the Tar Heels. With the injury to Leslie McDonald, P.J. will most likely have to play some big minutes this year for the Heels. His play will be very important to helping the Heels cut down the nets in New Orleans. Lucky for UNC, Hairston is good. It may take P.J. some time to get adjusted to college basketball and the Roy Williams system, but Hairston has all the raw ability to be a really good college player.

John Henson in the lay-up line.

John Henson is so long!

John Henson's outside game is improving, but still not quite there yet...

...but looking better!

John Henson length is incredible. It isn't fair to be that long, it makes the game too easy. Henson is a great example of why the college athlete should stay in school. Henson could already be in the NBA, but he stayed in school and developed his game. Henson's skills have improved and that will pay off in the long run at the next level.

John Henson, go-go gadget arm!

ESPN is showing highlights of Austin Rivers from China. Duke is playing some exhibition games against a Chinese team. Here at Don't Buy The Hype, we have been reporting on Rivers at the NC Pro Am. As I have said in the past, Austin Rivers is going to make a lot of Duke fans very happy(at least for a year or two), but I have my doubt of whether River will be a NBA All-Star. It seems that ESPN is ready to crown him a star, but River's lack of athleticism brings up questions. Austin has everything a basketball player can have, except height and athleticism. This footage was taken by me personally and Rivers is only about 6-3. Rivers also is a pretty good athlete and in college he will see few who have more athleticism. Rivers will have a hard time guarding other guards in the NBA. This footage is just a glimpse, but it helps prove my point. In this clip Austin Rivers is unguarded in a layup line trying to dunk. River did a lot of this kind of stuff at the Pro Am. Don't worry if you are Duke fan, he can shoot and has great ball skills, but if you believe Rivers is a superstar at the next level, don't buy the hype!

Miles Plumlee getting schooled in the post.

Austin River throwing the alley-oop.

Austin River missing from the outside.

Dominique Sutton going strong to the hoop and scoring on Austin Rivers. There were more talented players at the Pro Am, but no one who could match Sutton's heart and intensity. There were many NBA players and college stars at the NC Pro Am, but Sutton who will be a NC Central Eagle this year, played as well as anyone. Central will be a Division 1 school this year and no one is better to help the Eagles take the leap, than Sutton.

Rivers taking it to the hole.

Dominique Sutton, again!

Jerry Stackhouse on the court at the Pro Am.

Austin Rivers throwing down the two hand jam.

UNC great, Jerry Stackhouse, knocking down the jump shot.

Austin Rivers air balling the three point attempt and on the other end Ryan Kelly throws it down. Then, Kelly shows the crowd the JET or something close to it.

Nice Dunk!

Rivers just doesn't have jaw dropping rise.

Duke's Ryan Kelly dunks in transition.

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