Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ryan Kelly and other Duke Players Showing Out at the Pro Am!

Ryan Kelly calling for the ball.
The Duke boys at the NC Pro Am.

Seth Curry and Alex Murphy on the court together as teammates at the NC Pro Am.

Ryan Kelly drives into the lane and knocks down the fade away jumper. In this game he dominates the smaller competition. Ryan Kelly has been really "putting on a show" at the Pro Am.

Ryan Kelly knocking down the three.

Alex Murphy finishing at the rim.

Seth Curry taking it to the hole.

Seith Curry taking it all the way to the cup.

Seth Curry dishes out the assist to former Clemson star, Demontez Stitt.

Alex Murphy with the nice take and completing the "and one."

Ryan Kelly with the rebound dunk. During the game a Duke fan commented that "Kelly is king of the highlight after the whistle."

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