Thursday, January 12, 2012

NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions Jan. 14,15

We all know what the big story is, this weekend in the NFL. I picked the Patriots to win, but I will be happy to be wrong if Tim Tebow can pull another miracle off. I think the 49ers at home may provide some interesting challenges for the Saints. Still, I picked the Saints to win the Super Bowl before the season, so I will stick with them. Plus, the Saints offense maybe the best I have ever seen in the NFL. The Ravens are veteran playoff team with an experienced quaterback. The Texans don't have those luxuries, Ravens should get the win. This is a really risky pick, but I am going to take the Giants to pull off the huge upset over the Packers. The Packers have been the best team all year, but the Giants have figured things out at the right time. The Giants also have the pass rushers to get to get to Aaron Rodgers. The Packer's defense has been suspect all year and the Giants are good enough offensively to keep up. Should be another great NFL weekend!
New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers (4:30 PM ET FOX)
Saints 30-23
Denver Broncos at New England Patriots (8:00 PM ET CBS)
Patriots 31-23
Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens (1:00 PM ET CBS)
Ravens 24-16
New York Giants at Green Bay Packers (4:30 PM ET FOX)
Giants 33-30


  1. Here are Ben's picks:

    Saints 33-21

    Patriots 35-23

    Ravens 20-17

    Packers 35-28

  2. Those are some bold picks my man! These are going to be some tough picks but here is what I am thinking.

    1. Saints over the 49'ers 41 - 21
    (Welcome to the Big Leagues)

    2. Bronco's over the Pats 28 - 24
    (Tebow rises to the occasion and the defense
    plays out of their minds. They need a fast

    3. Texans past the Ravens 24 - 21
    (Flacco is not a play off QB, Delhomme comes
    off the Houston bench for the win)

    4. Packers over the Giants 38 - 35
    (Close but no cigar!)

  3. Better late than never, these picks are HOT this week.

    SF 27 NO 24 (West coast + saints road record + #1 Rush D = 1 dimensional saints offense)

    Brady 31 Tebow 27 (I hope Tebow wins but in Brady I trust)

    Ravens 24 Texans 17 (Former Tarhole QB = LOSS)

    Packers 35 Giants 21 (Can't fool me Eli! You're still not an elite qb...)

  4. Vince, the 49ers vs Saints game was a great pick. We were both 3-1 for the weekend not too bad. I am 6-2 over the last two weekends of NFL playoffs. I get the prize this week my Ravens game score gave me the edge, I missed the score by -4, pretty good. For me the two biggest stories of the weekend are about the QBs. Alex Smith takes a step towards the big boys club and Eli takes another step towards the Hall of Fame!

  5. Eli played great. Well enough that I'm going to have to amend my last comment as say that he is NOT ELITE (Brady 6 TD's) BUT he is CLUTCH. Eli owns pressure situations, and I believe that is because he has such a calm and collected personality.

    I wasn't buying the Giants, but Eli looked great and if they can move the ball on the ground for the entire game, like they did in the 4th against the Packers, then they should win... But then again, if Alex Smith/Vernon Davis plays like he did last game then the 49ers should win. I'll have to think about this match up for a few days.

    Also if you watched the post game interview with Alex Smith, he was wearing a simple blue shirt with a white "Alex" name tag. That shirt just symbolizes the "blue collar/hard worker" attitude that Coach Harbaugh has brought to the organization.