Friday, January 20, 2012

NFL Conference Championship Predictions January 22


Last weekend in the NFL was awesome, but this week we have two dream matchups! Eli Manning silenced all the doubters last week. Eli has looked like the best quaterback in the playoffs so far, even though Tom Brady had a big game as well. The Giants vs. 49ers game, is the hardest game to pick and it is the most intriguing match. I would like to pick 49ers, they are such a physical, complete team. I didn't last week and that was my only loss, but the Giants are rolling and are a great road team, especially in the playoffs. Both teams in this match up have great defenses, but the Giants have Elite Eli and he has been clutch all year. I expect Eli to be himself(he has been leading his team down the field in the 4th quarter all season) and win in a close one. Alex Smith stepped up last week, but if he wins this week he will make a quatum leap in his progress. I think the Patriots will beat the Ravens. The Ravens have a well documented great defense, but Joe Flacco looked terrible last game. Brady and his Tight Ends(who no one can match up with) will score points with their offense and Flacco's offense will not score as many, that will decide the ball game. I was 3-1 last week and 6-2 for the entire NFL playoffs, which is 75%, that is pretty good. Let's see how we all do this week with the NFL picks. Be sure to add your picks.


Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots (3:00 PM ET CBS)

Patriots 33-23

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers (6:30 PM ET FOX)

Giants 30-27


  1. Ben's Picks:

    Patriots 31-17

    Giants 27-24

  2. Brady 31 Ravens 24

    49ers 24 Giants 21

  3. You may be right with that 49ers pick...

  4. The Giants vs. 49ers was too close to call, but someone had to win. My 2-0 this weekend, and that puts me at 8-2 for the playoffs. 80% is awesome, Vegas good!. But Ben was 2-0 as well and 8-2 for the playoffs too. Ben also had the closest score this week so he is the winner. The Super Bowl will decide who gets the Crown!