Sunday, January 1, 2012

College Football Bowl Game Picks(the important games)

The SEC helps to Heat up the College Bowl Season!
So, far the college football bowl season has been pretty uneventful. I have watched some games like the Baylor vs. Washington game for example, was an exciting, high scoring track meet, but overall college fans have not seen much that would make them jump out of their recliners. Don't worry the big bowls are still to come, and a SEC National championship is sure to heat up fans this winter. Here are my predictions for the important bowls. I will say sorry ahead of time to the college football purest, I did not waste my time on the small bowls.
Monday, January 2

Houston (19) vs. Penn State (22)
Ticketcity Bowl ESPN U 12:00 PM ET
Penn State 31-27
Penn State will win the game in the trenches.
Nebraska (20) vs. South Carolina (9)
Capital One Bowl ESPN 1:00 PM ET
South Carolina 34-20
The SEC teams are too big, mean, and fast.
Michigan State (17) vs. Georgia (16)
Outback Bowl ABC 1:00 PM ET
UGA 41-31
SEC, enough said.
Ohio State vs. Flordia
Gator Bowl ESPN 2 1:00 PM ET
Ohio State 35-27
The Gators have not been the same since Urban Meyer left, and now he is at Ohio State, oh irony!
Wisconsin (10) vs. Oregon (5)
Rose Bowl ESPN 5:00 PM ET
Oregon 48-34
I like Wisconsin, Russell Wilson and Montee Ball are great. Wisconsin will score a lot points in this shootout, but in the end Oregon is too fast and speed kills!
Stanford (4) vs. Oklahoma State (3)
Fiesta Bowl ESPN 8:00 PM ET
Oklahoma State 45-38
Someone has to win in this shootout.
Tuesday, January 3
Michigan (13) vs. Virginia Tech (11)
Sugar Bowl ESPN 8:30 PM ET
Michigan 31-23
Michigan is ready to make a statement on the big stage.
Wednesday, January 4
West Virginia (23) vs. Clemson (15)
Orange Bowl ESPN 8:30 PM ET
Clemson 41-27
Clemson is just too athletic and fast.
Friday, January 6
Kansas State (8) vs. Arkansas (6)
Cotton Bowl 8:00 ESPN PM ET
Arkansas 52-41
I will take the SEC team almost everytime. This game should have a ton of offense.
Roll Tide and Nick Saban are ready for greatness!
Monday, January 9
Alabama (2) vs. LSU (1)
BCS National Championship ESPN 8:30 PM ET
Bama 19-13
The best two teams are playing in the BCS National Championship game and that is all college football fans can ask for. LSU maybe the best team in the country(and could be the best college football defense I have ever seen), but it is tough to beat a team as good as Alabama twice. Bama could have won the 1st game, but they missed two field goals. Alabama should find the mark this time and get the win in a defensive struggle. A win for Saban will put his name among the great coaches of all time!

Time to party in Tuscaloosa, ROLL TIDE!


  1. I really think the voters are going to make themselves look nothing like the "experts" they are supposed to be. Alabama already lost at HOME in a game where neither team put up double digit points... But somehow the voters saw it their duty to vote OK State down far enough in the rankings so that Alabama could jump them to play the same team they lost to AGAIN on a neutral site? THEY ALREADY LOST AT HOME. OKlahoma State has almost TWICE as many quality wins as Alabama and the only game they lost this season was in double overtime LESS THAN 24hours after losing members of the OK State coaching family in a tragic plane crash. They then bounced back and made Preseason #1 Oklahoma look like a highschool JV squad en route to a Big 12 championship. (Funny the same "experts" thought OKLAHOMA was better than both LSU and Alabama preseason... make up vote to cover their tracks end of the year?)

    Oh yea... there are game's going on tonight too.

    Russell Wilson wins a thriller v. Oregon (GO PACK)
    Michigan over VT (*cough should be Boise St cough*)
    OK State wins going away, close first half though.
    KState has surprised all year, common sense says Arkansas, but they surprise again!

    Don't care who wins the National Championship because if OK State wins big against Stanford - make things right and vote them #1 like USC a few years back.

  2. Great commetns Vince, well thought out and the facts really back you up on your points. I picked Arkansas to win, but K State has a chance to win. I just didn't have the guts to pick them. UGA totally blew their game or I would have a better record with my picks so far, but as of now, I am 3 of 3 for the BCS bowl games. Not too bad...

  3. I ended up 6 or 10 with my college football bowl picks which is fair, but not really good. 60% is a winning record and I did pick the National Championship game correctly. Also, I picked Alabama to win the championship at the beginning of the year. That might not seem to be such a daring pick, but at the beginning of the year many, so called experts picked Oklahoma. How did the Sooners do...