Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texas Rangers Draft Johnathan Taylor In The 33rd Round!

In the 33rd round, the Texas Rangers select...

Johnathan Taylor, OF, University of Georgia!
As many readers know, I am a baseball fanatic, to a fault.  I was tracking the MLB Draft online today and in the 33rd round, I did a double take.  I had been watching to see which local high school players and Diamond Dawgs players had been taken when I saw JT's name pop up.  It made my day, to say the least.

For the Rangers to draft JT is a remarkable, and has to be a huge lift to his spirits, as he fights hard to overcome paralysis.  The Rangers have immediately become my 2nd favorite team behind the Braves.  What a classy organization!

You can read the full ESPN article complete with Texas Rangers and David Perno quotes HERE!

Congratulations to JT and the Texas Rangers!  I'm off to buy myself a Rangers hat.

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  1. I've really enjoyed the Rangers over the last couple of years, especially with Josh Hamilton's comeback. This makes me like them even more.