Monday, June 20, 2011

The Official DBTH Name Gene Chizik's Book Contest! Enter Here!

I was reading an article this weekend about the FBI investigation of some Auburn boosters when I ran across an advertisement for a book co-authored by Gene Chizik named "All In: What It Takes To Be The Best."

I have a few questions about this book that need to be answered:

Why would anyone want advice from Gene Chizik?  Didn't he win four games in two years at Iowa State?

Will this book be found in the Fiction section at Barnes and Noble?

Since Auburn fans will be the only people buying this book, will it be a coloring book?

Will the cover price be $180,000?

Here's the good part for you readers:  I will be holding the first-ever contest here at DBTH, and it will be to come up with a better title for Chizik's book.  The format will be as such:

Each entry will need to be in the following format:  All In: you title here
Example:  All In:  How to Buy a National Championship

Each person may enter up to three title entries for the next two weeks, and the contest winner will be decided by DBTH writers. 

Here's the good part.  The winner will receive a free book with advice from a real coach, John Wooden.
The winner will receive a copy of Wooden's last book "The Wisdom of Wooden: My Century On And Off The Court."

You can enter by commenting in this blog post, or by leaving your title in the comment box at the bottom of the site.  Please leave your name as well, if you are not logged into an account when you enter.  Good luck and be creative!

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  1. All In: How I Used the Jim Tressell Coaching Philosophy to win a BS Championship.