Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Russell Wilson Chooses Wisconsin Over Auburn, Here's Why

Yesterday, Russell Wilson chose to attend Wisconsin over Auburn to complete his final year of eligibility, to the surprise of many, especially in the South.  Wilson has decided to put his pro baseball career on hold for one more year of college football, which could lead to a career in the NFL.  While many assumed Wilson would choose to step in and lead the defending national champions, he decided on Madison and the Big 10.  Here's why he did:

Wilson has one final year of eligibility and one can reasonably assume he would want to lead a championship contender.  This year Wisconsin is, Auburn isn't.  Simple enough.

With all the trouble in Columbus, Ohio, Wisconsin has stepped to the forefront of the Big 10.  A repeat of last year's 11-1 record could be in the future for the Badgers, or maybe an undefeated season.  The Badgers get Nebraska and Penn State at home, but do have road games at Michigan State and Ohio State in back-to-back weeks, as well as a trip to Illinois in late November.  Even if the Badgers do slip up once or even twice, a BCS bowl is certainly in the picture.

Along with the prospects of a great season, Wilson also chose a pro-style offense in Wisconsin.  This will prepare him for a career in the NFL.  While Gus Malzahn is quite the innovator on offense, the infamous Cam Newton/John Gruden dialogue added fuel to the fire that his offense is "gimmicky."  Remember Newton not being able to name and diagram a play they ran at Auburn?  What's "36"?  

Let's face it, Auburn isn't winning a championship of any sort this season.  If Wilson had chosen Auburn it would increase their chances, but they don't have the experience needed to win this season.  As a matter of fact, they only have SIX returning starters, lowest in all of Division I-A (I refuse to call it FBS.)

Wisconsin is a much better place for Russell to leave a legacy.  Anything short of a national title would leave Wilson in Cam Newton's shadow, but when has Wisconsin ever had a quarterback of his caliber athletically?  Try never.  If he can lead the Badgers to the promised land, his legacy in Madison is cemented forever.

Bottom Line:  Like anyone with one last chance, Russell Wilson just wants the best chance to win.  It's not at Auburn.

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