Monday, October 22, 2012

The Panthers Fire GM Marty Hurney! "Middle Class" Matt the Next GM! Panthers should have never drafted Cam Newton!

Football Clueless

"Middle Class" Matt, the Sport's Genius, should be the next GM of the Carolina Panthers!
Was Cam Newton the reason for Marty Hurney's firing. The Carolina Panthers fire GM Marty Hurney after the, Carolina Panthers loss to the Dallas Cowboys at home, 14-19, 10/21/12

Cam Newton Scouting Report

An extremely talented, dual-threat QB who carried Auburn to a national title, Newton has the arm and athletic talent desired in a rollout, play-action, bootleg vertical passing game and would fit ideally into an offense such as that of the Redskins or Raiders. However, he always will test the rules, be difficult to manage and lacks the intangibles to win the trust of a locker room. Will require a very strong-willed, demanding coach to live up to his potential and avoid the trappings of fame and fortune, but even the greatest taskmaster will not be able to keep away the drama that is still swirling from a stained Heisman Trophy and littered recruiting trail that Newton left in the SEC. Can provide an initial spark, but will quickly be dissected and contained by NFL defensive coordinators, struggle to sustain success and will not prove worthy of an early investment. An overhyped, high-risk, high-reward selection with a glaring bust factor, Newton is sure to be drafted more highly than he should and could foreclose a risk-taking GM's job and taint a locker room.

Nolan Nawrocki

"Middle Class" Matt agreed then and now

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