Monday, July 2, 2012

Interview with Judge and Referee Bill Clancy who talks Pacquiao vs. Bradley and Boxing


In the video above, "Middle Class" Matt conducts an interview with a judge and referee, Bill Clancy at small time boxing event, in Charlotte, NC. Don't Buy The Hype has covered the controversial Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley decision, from day one. Clancy, who knows the judges from Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight and who seems to really love the sport of boxing, answers questions about the controversial fight and boxing in general. Clancy gave a rousing speech, before the fights began, to the boxers who would fight that night. Despite the bad rap boxing gets(like with the Manny fight) the people who work in and around boxing seem love and respect the game, and Clancy is one of those people. In the videos below you can see Bill Clancy in action in the ring as a referee.


Below is some action packed footage from the fights that took place in Charlotte, NC on June 15, 2012. Many of these small time fighters, were fighting to put food on the table, and are true warriors of the sports. I have been watching and covering boxing for years, and I recommend to any sports fan that they go and see a live fight. Like many other sports, boxing is better live than on TV. These fights were not televised. A few of the fighters may one day, with some luck and hard work, get TV fights, but most will never fight under the bright lights.

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