Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BUY THE HYPE: Bryce Harper

Here's my explanation on why 19 year old phenom Bryce Harper is as sure a bet as there is:

Here are some Bryce Harper Highlights you need to check out!  Just watch the hustle plays and the pitches he's hitting HARD...

Video 1:  Here's a hustle double on a softly hit ball to left.  Kind of hard to see once the fans stand up, but you can see the whole replay on the video board.

Video 2:  Look at where this pitch is-it it 8 inches off the inside corner!  He gets his hands through and barrels it off the wall, only a few feet shy of a home run.

Videos 3 and 4:  Here's his first big league homer.  On a curveball that may not even be a strike, it was pretty low.  The second clip is another bomb on a breaking ball against the Braves

Video 5:  Here is Harper's first career walk off hit, in the 12th inning against the Mets.  The video quality isn't outstanding, but it shows his two-strike approach, going to the opposite field on a pitch off the plate.  In other words a PROFESSIONAL HITTER.


  1. I heard today that the last 19 year old to put up the numbers that he's put up so far was Mel Ott.

  2. I'm interested to see if he holds up through the summer. If he's still putting up these numbers down the stretch in the heat of a playoff run, we'll have a legend in the making...

    1. This team is great right now, but how will they do after there "pitching" hits their limits and summer sets in. Looks like a wilt come dawg days of summer.

  3. Harper reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr. like Jr., Harper plays hard, has the all around skill sets, speed, bat speed which equals power, good at a young age, etc. But Harper has more flash and flare than Jr. Harper should be a star, on and off the field, a real household name.

  4. Wages! Good to hear from you man. I got a new phone and lost your number so shoot me a text with it please. Middle Class Matt has you covered on boxing coverage, he knows his stuff.

  5. I love the Sweet Science! I am going to a small time fight in the Charlotte, NC, to help out a local Raleigh fighter, this Friday. I should be able to put some footage up on the blog. So, I am offically, in the "Fight Game" now.

    If you go to a search engine and type in "Manny Pacquaio was cheated" over a half of million links will show up, but my Manny video is the 1st on the list.