Monday, May 7, 2012

Rare Footage of 7 foot Peter Jurkin Indiana Basketball Commit "Could Jurkin be a Steal?"

Peter Jurkin is a true seven footer with a 7'6" wingspan and tons of upside. Jurkin is high school prospect in the Class of 2012, who is committed to Indiana University to play basketball in the up coming season. Jurkin is currently ranked as only a three star recruit, and it seems that Jurkin is underrated. Jurkin is raw and his post moves are lacking, at best, but for a prospect with his size and length, he does have skills.

Indiana fans should be excited about Jurkin. He might be able to add depth at the center position next year. The Indiana Hoosiers may be the favorite to win the NCAA National Championship next year and will have the best true center in the country in Cody Zeller. Jurkin could serve to help Indiana with their depth in the post. Jurkin may be able to give Indiana some help as a backup center who can play limited minutes, next season.

Peter Jurkin is a very long prospect who has better than average athleticism for his size. It seems that, Jurkin has the frame to add on some weight over time. Jurkin has a really good stroke from the outside and the free throw line, as you will see from the footage. Jurkin, also runs the floor pretty well for his size, and is an amazing shot blocker, who forces other players to change their shots.  Best of all, Jurkin is most likely a four year guy. Having even a serviceable seven footer, for four years, in the age of one and done, would be a big advantage for the Hoosiers. Peter Jurkin may never be a superstar(but who knows with work), but he is really undervalued as a high school recruit. When we look back at the high school class, Jurkin could be a real steal for the Indiana Hoosiers.

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