Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breaking News: Seat Check Update! Darrin Horn Out at South Carolina

Since the conference tourneys are now complete, I guess it's that time where college basketball coaches' heads start rolling...

The first contestant is Darrin Horn!  I suspected this move would be made, since he was on my "Heating Up" list a couple of weeks ago.  Based on his performance, I would've placed him in the "He's on Fire!" category, but I had been hearing that the suits at USCeast weren't willing to pony up the supposed $2.4 million for a buyout.  His performance as coach was so bad that I assume they were forced to dig deep into the coffers and find the money somewhere.

Here is a link to AD Eric Hyman's 1:30 press conference LIVE VIDEO

USA Today Press Release

Who willl be next to go?  In light of the Sports Illustrated report on the state of UCLA basketball, I wouldn't be shocked if it's Ben Howland...

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