Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marquette's Buzz Williams Riles Up the West Virginia Faithful

This could be the funniest thing I've ever seen a college basketball coach do on an opposing team's floor.  This puts Buzz Williams in the top five of my favorite college coaches, automatically.  Check out the students in the background, especially the kid in the grey sweatshirt:

In case you don't know, "Country Roads" is West Virginia's unofficial anthem, much like the annoying "Sandstorm," which is played ad nauseum at South Carolina games.   

I mean seriously, Buzz, this song is all people in West Virginia have to hold on to!  John Denver actually mentioned their state in a song!  How could you crush their poor hillbilly souls with such mockery?    

On a serious note, Williams did apologize for his behavior in his postgame press conference, but said he was dancing because he grew up loving the song, since he was from the "country".  Nice try, coach, just tell the truth and say you were sticking it in their face that you suspended your best players and still went in their house and won.  Own it Buzz!

More great Buzz Williams moments for your viewing pleasure:

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