Saturday, December 3, 2011

SEC Championship Postgame Reaction: LSU 42, Georgia 10

Here are my thoughts immediately following the SEC Championship Game:

In the mix:

  • Georgia's Dominant 1st Quarter and Missed Opportunities
  • Georgia's 1st Half Defense
  • Turning Point of the Game
  • LSU's 2nd Half Turnaround
  • Georgia's Potential Bowl Possiblities
  • LSU vs. Alabama Rematch? 
  • And others...
Another random topic of discussion:
Was the replay official napping up in the booth?  He never thought to review the Mathieu punt return that should've been a fumble/touchback, not a TD.  Also, he almost waited too long to call for a review of the Beckham catch that clearly hit the ground.  Needless to say, Matt Austin and crew didn't have the best night...

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